Galveston Photos

Hubby bought me a Cannon PowerShot for Christmas with a 260X Zoom.  There are so many wonderful things to photograph on the Island so hubby decided no more iPhone photos.  It’s taking a while to master a professional grade camera so I will be posting some of my photographs to gauge my progress.

These were taken off my back deck.  I hope you enjoy them.Galveston moonmoon



    1. Roxy Bentsen Faulkner

      Thanks. I love taking moon shots. Click on the link in my blog or go to and sign up for an account (free). They will have screens pop up to welcome you and show you how to enter your photos in the various challenges. It is very easy. Fun too. Give it a try and if you have questions let me know. I’m new to it and just figuring out a lot of features. My son is here from grad school with his girlfriend so I am not checking my blog often until after they leave. Give it a try. Tell me how to find you once you get signed up. Hugs!

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      1. Ladybuggz

        I went to the site and realized I had already joined! I was 16th in one challenge (from below) not bad! I’ll check your shots out Roxy! One of mine is the Dragon Fly for “Cover Photo”, and I put in 3 for “Tree’s and Fields” I also put in 2 for the “Shoes” my fav is of the porch decoration wooden shoes !

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      1. Ladybuggz

        Couldn’t get to your profile or pictures, probably easier if we were FB friends, then I can follow you on the Guru site.
        My name is Teresa L. Asman (Canada) I’ll keep an eye out for you! 🙂 T.

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