14 DIY Hanging Baskets to Display Your Floral Masterpieces

Are you on the hunt for a bargain when it comes to your hanging flower baskets?

You’ve come to the right place. I’m going to walk you all around the internet and share some ideas on how you can make your home look fabulous this season with gorgeous DIY hanging baskets.

Whether you’re looking to fix up your old hanging baskets, create new ones, show off your baskets differently than previously, or looking for a compact way to grow veggies, we have you covered.

You can have it all without spending a small fortune. Here’s how:

1. Going from Cheap to High-End Planters

If you bought cheap plastic planters in years past because it’s all you could afford, don’t feel like you must stick with them.

Instead, you can use the same planters, spray paint them, and add some rope for their hanging element. You’ll have gorgeous planters with a high-end look without your wallet feeling the squeeze.

2. Vintage Colander Hanging Basket

Would you like to present your flowers in a unique way without breaking the bank? Shop your local thrift store in search for an enamel colander.

You can attach a chain to the sides of the colander, add soil, and plant your flowers in it. In no time, you’ll have an interesting and inexpensive DIY flower basket.

3. DIY Dollar Store Hanging Baskets

I’m in love with this idea because it’s inexpensive, unique, and something no one else around you will have.

She used dollar store buckets as the planters and rope to form a net beneath the bucket to hang it from her porch. It’s a neat idea and would be perfect for both flowers or vegetables.

4. DIY Hanging Basket Stand

Are you looking for a new way to display your old hanging baskets? A simple solution to this problem is to create a beautiful hanging basket stand.

This walks you through what you’ll need for constructing this stand. The stand has a way of drawing new attention to your gorgeous flowers.

You can place the stands everywhere you wish to ‘frame’ your beautiful hanging garden, and even go a step further and add an indoor planter on top.

5. Lamp Shades to a Hanging Herb Garden

If you’re looking for a new way to gain more planting space, consider using hanging baskets. If you don’t want a traditional style hanging garden, you’ll love this idea.

They were able to upcycle old lampshades and turn them into unique hanging baskets. They filled the baskets with herbs and developed an herb garden which took up no extra space.

6. Upcycled Baskets Turned Hanging Garden

If you’re looking for a way to gain extra planting space or to display your flowers without investing in expensive store-bought hanging baskets, this idea will be right up your alley.

Instead of purchasing hanging baskets, they were able to use old wicker baskets. They tied them together in a tiered form and filled them full of beautiful flowers and herbs.

7. The Burlap DIY Hanging Basket

fixed up diy hanging baskets

Are your old hanging baskets still in good shape, but they look old and outdated? Don’t toss them to the curb yet.

Instead, give them a facelift using this idea. They were able to wrap the old baskets in burlapand hang them using twine. It’s inexpensive and a great way to give old pots a fresh look.

8. The Lettuce Leaf Hanging Basket

This idea could work for any type of plant you’d be interested in growing. Yet, they planted lettuce in a colander!

You could even use an old bowl and drill holes in it. The holes are necessary for draining. When finished, they placed the container inside a wire hanging basket. This is an easy and functional way to gain more grow space while using the items you have on hand to make the idea come together.

9. The $5 DIY Hanging Planters

diy hanging baskets

If you’re looking for a way to display your flowers hanging outdoors, you’ll love how this person was able to take a discount pot and turn it into a gorgeous idea.

She found pots for a dollar at her local Target. When she made it home, the planters were painted and hung with rope instead of the string they came with. For around $5, she had gorgeous DIY hanging baskets perfect for displaying gorgeous flowers in a modern way.

10. Rain Gutter Hanging Garden

If you’re tired of having round baskets hanging from your front porch, consider this neat idea of using rain gutters instead.

They’re cut to length and tied together with your choice of rope or twine. Fill the gutters with soil, and you’re ready to plant and display your flowers in a hip way without spending a fortune.

11. Hanging Flower Tins

diy hanging baskets

When I’m in my hometown, there’s a local lady who has a knack for flowers. She doesn’t simply hang baskets from her front porch.

She lines her picket fence with flower baskets too. What if you used tin cans in the place of flower baskets to adorn your picket or privacy fence? It’s an easy idea which could add a gorgeous look to your home.

12. The Tire Planter

Everyone once dreamed of having a tire swing hanging in their front yard. Now, the old tires can be upcycled into DIY hanging baskets.

If you have an old tire hanging around your property, paint it and plant your flowers in it. Hang the tire from a tree in your front yard, and you have a rustic but gorgeous inexpensive DIY hanging basket.

13. Embroidery Hoop Hanging Basket

diy hanging basket

If you love to use what you have around your home to decorate your home in your unique style, you’ll love this idea.

They were able to glue a basic bowl to the inside of an embroidery hoop. Flowers were planted in the bowl, and the embroidery hoop was hung. It’s truly this simple to create your hanging basket.

14. Building Your Hanging Basket

Did you know there was a method for building a beautiful hanging basket? It all starts with choosing any shape wire basket.

They show you how to line the basket, layer the soil, insert a watering reservoir, and even how to cut the lining to add plants to the appropriate location. If you want gorgeous hanging baskets without spending a small fortune, this can help you achieve your goal.

You now have 14 different DIY hanging basket options to create new or spiff up your old hanging baskets. It’s our hope you can save some money while still displaying your flowers, or veggies, gorgeously.

Though DIY may take a little extra work, the money saved, and the unique décor created is worth the added effort.