Science Confirms That Dogs Can Recognize A Bad Person

Choosing between a dog and a cat as a pet of your choice can be an uphill task, especially if you have a special liking for them both. However, science confirms that there is more to what a dog can offer. Apart from the ability of your dog to detect angry and happy faces, they also have a sixth sense that distinguishes bad intended individuals from good ones. Quite interesting, right?

A recent study conducted by Dr. Akiko Takaoka of the of Psychology Department at Kyoto University, Japan, concluded that dogs can detect bad individuals. The primary agenda of the research, which was conducted by the scientist and his fellow colleagues, was to detect the ability of dogs to trust lying individuals. And to achieve their goals, the scientists divided their samples into three parts to increase reliability.

According to the renowned scientists, the research solely focused on an extensive study of dogs’ behavior. One of the study’s outcome indicated that dogs generally prefer consistency not only in their immediate surroundings but also the world at large.

One logical example used in the experiment included the way dogs relate with their owners on a daily basis. For instance, when a dog owner offers food to their dog, they first set the food at their favorite spots and then use gestures to signal the dog; an indication of meal-time. The dog would trust their masters and run to the containers, but if the owners happen to point at an empty container, at first, the dog will run up to it but clearly display disappointment.

Therefore, the dog will tend to be more careful the second time the owner points at any food container. And if the aspect of an empty food container repeats itself for the third time, then the dog is likely to get very frustrated and clearly become hesitant, when signaled to food containers. Some even sulk for hours or days following regular inconsistent gestures. This is a clear indication that dogs detest lairs.

The research incorporated 34 dogs, and according to a report in the Animal Cognition Journal, they all displayed the same reactions throughout the three segments. Therefore, we can confidently conclude that a dog can intelligently use their previous encounter with an individual to create assumptions about them. They know whom they can readily trust in the future and who they should tread carefully with.

Consequently, the more scientific study indicated that dogs also judge people depending on the way they treat/treated their owners. For instance, if a person was rude to their owner when they needed help, the dog wouldn’t take the treats they offered, but they would easily warm up to people who treated their owners nicely or those who didn’t offer any help but walked silently from the scene.

Reports from a similar research under the Neuroscience and Bio-behavioral Reviews, also point to the ability of dogs to detect the communication outcomes between strangers and their owners. They do all this through their cognitive understanding of human gestures and body expressions. Impressive, right? So if you thought your dog hated your friends for nothing, then it’s time to re-evaluate. Did you know that dogs are that intelligent? Well, now you know!

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