One Week With Depression

Depression is a big, bad dog. Never underestimate it and please, seek help before it destroys you. I am on the upswing of a failed attempt to get off of anti-depressants after 30 years and I ALMOST DID NOT MAKE IT THROUGH. The depression was bigger than me and bigger than my will to overcome it. It is no laughing matter and certainly not to be taken lightly. This blogger is spot on!!

The Psych Talk

To me, depression is one of
the most unique things for someone to go through. No one likes to talk about it
but if you find the courage to, it’s hard to find someone who truly understands
it. People take depression as far as they can, before it chews them up and
spits them out. To give some examples, I want to simply explain some thoughts
I’ve had this week and how they were changed by this unwelcomed force.

I had to go back to work after New Year’s. I know, it’s not really a big deal… right? Well to me, it was the end of the world (it still is, but less so). Instead of going to work as a disgruntled employee, I woke up and was hit with a wave of thoughts, all telling me that killing myself is a better option than going to work. It seems…

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