Over 65 ways to use Lavender Essential Oil

(Lavandula angustifolia)
Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) essential oil has a scent that’s a wonderful blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calm. It’s this dynamic aroma that has made the plant a classic for perfumes, soaps, fresheners, and beauty products. As one of our most popular products, Lavender is a great beginner oil and a must for every home. Lavender essential oil isn’t just a favorite because of its classic scent—it’s also highly versatile. From skin care products to relaxing routines, this oil can infuse and enhance many areas of your life.



Lavender essential oil is also the most popular oil in aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil has been referred to as “First-aid in a Bottle,” “The Universal Oil,” “The Mother of All Essential Oils,” “All Things Calming,” and it is said “If in Doubt, Use Lavender”.

Lavender Essential oil is “A Nurse’s Best Friend”. Why? Lavender essential oil has been known to balance the body and work wherever it is needed. When you are overly stressed, the scent will relax you, and when you need a pick me up, lavender will provide an energy boost, too.

If I could recommend only one essential oil to help others be healthy overall, lavender would be the winner hands down. The smell is wonderful, the oil is so versatile and it has many healing properties. Lavender has calming effects that are amazing in stressful time, and it is highly effective but ever so gentle.


Lavender Oil Essential Oil Uses

SORE MUSCLES: Apply 4-6 drops of lavender essential oil to Epsom salt or capful of milk & then put into the bath (Epsom salt or milk help disperse the oils throughout bath water). Soak in the bath and let the ache float away.

BUG/INSECT BITES: Dab lavender essential oil onto bite or sting to help soothe the itch & reduce swelling. Wait a few minute and you will forget all about the bite!

MINOR BURNS: After running cold water for 5 minutes over burn, gently apply a few drops to cover affected area. It may sting a bit or seem worse initially but please be patient; soon the soothing effects will come.

CUTS OR SCRAPES: Rinse with water and pat dry. Apply 2-3 drops to cut or band-aid pad for soothing, germ killing & healing (yes lavender essential oil can do all that!).

RASH/ITCHING: Apply to location to stop the itch & promote healing. Can dilute in carrier oil for larger rashes &/or easier application. Re-apply as necessary.

LACK OF SLEEP: Apply 2-3 drops to the bottoms of feet or behind ears. Can also apply onto a pillow (under the pillowcase) before sleep. Diffusing in room or misting on bedding can help sleep come faster as well.

MOTION SICKNESS: Apply few drops of lavender to wrists or navel. May also open the bottle & inhale directly from it when traveling to ease upset stomach.

CHAPPED LIPS: Apply to fingertip & dab onto lips, can apply natural lip balm over for extra relief.

SINUS CONGESTION: Apply 4-6 drops to a bowl of hot water, place towel over head, close your eyes & breathe deeply for relief. This also helps soothe the irritated nasal passages.

DRY SKIN: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to unscented lotion or carrier oil & rub into dry areas

ANXIETY/FEARS: Place a few drops of lavender essential oil to palms, cup, & inhale deeply. Or you can inhale directly from the bottle. Remember to slowly breathe in through nose, and then exhale through mouth-blow out all the fears/anxieties you are having.

TENSION: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to carrier oil for dilution & then massage (or even better, have someone else) into neck, shoulder & back.

ACHES & PAINS: In a bowl of warm water, add 2-4 drops of lavender essential oil and swirl around. Soak a cloth then gently squeeze out, apply to location of aches & pains. For new muscular injuries or sprains use cold water instead.

TIRED/SORE FEET: Fill a large bowl with warm water; add 4-6 drops of lavender essential oil. Soak feet for about 10 minutes. Don’t forget to apply lavender lotion after!

SCAR REDUCTION: To minimize the formation of scar tissue, massage lavender essential oil on & around the affected area. If the area is tender, make a spritz bottle of 15-20 drops of lavender essential oil into a small glass bottle, fill the remainder with water (distilled water preferred). Shake well before use each time.

BLOCKED TEAR DUCTS: Rub a drop of lavender essential oil over the bridge of nose. KEEP OUT OF EYES!

NATURAL DEODORANT: Remove any sweat present first, and then rub 2 drops of lavender essential oil under each arm. May need to be repeated throughout the day but it beats using chemical deodorants. Sweating is your body’s natural way to eliminate toxins so it is important not to have chemically toxic deodorants that block this natural process.

STOP MINOR BLEEDING: Apply drop of lavender essential oil onto cut. Please, if it is an open wound, seek medical help. I am talking about small, everyday cuts or razor nicks.

POST WAXING/HAIR REMOVAL: Calm sensitive skin & soothe pores with a few drops to affected area, using carrier oil for dilution may be helpful for application to larger areas or sensitive skin. Making and using a lavender lotion is also beneficial to use after shaving for men and women.

EARACHE: Gently massage of few drops into the skin around the ears & throat. Never apply essential oil into ears.

FEVER: Sponge down with tepid water that has lavender oil added, especially good for babies & children but take care to keep out of eyes and off face. Back of neck, under arms and to groin help to cool the body best. A plain, cold water washcloth can be placed to forehead (no essential oils). Peppermint essential oil is good as well since it has cooling effects.

ACNE: Apply 1 drop directly on acne spot or acne scar, repeat as necessary. Remember, less is better, a dab will do!

NOSEBLEED: Pinch bridge of nose & apply ice right above, apply 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil under nose.

HAY FEVER/SEASONAL ALLERGIES: Apply 2-3 drops topically to sinus passages. Diffusing into air is also very helpful. May also take internally if essential oil is GRAS and labeled for internal use, take 5 drops in empty capsule. Also helpful to add 3 drops of lemon and 3 drops of peppermint essential oil if you have these available and they are labeled for GRAS/internal use.

COLD SORE: Apply drop of lavender directly onto sore, repeat as necessary. May dilute with carrier oil if needed.

SUNBURN RELIEF: In a spray bottle, mix several drops of lavender essential oil with distilled water, shake & spritz onto affected area. May need frequent reapplication.

LEG CRAMPS: Apply lavender essential oil directly onto location.

SADNESS: Diffuse in room to uplift mood. An alternative is to get a pot of water, add 5 drops of lavender essential oil to it. Bring to a boil. It will make your home scented of Lavender!


HEADACHE: Apply to temples or back of neck. Add peppermint oil for extra soothing relief!

DIAPER RASH: Apply a few drops to affected area to soothe & calm skin, dilute with carrier oil for more even coverage.

RELIEVE STRESS: Diffuse lavender into air or use a spritz bottle (see use #15 for directions to make), close eyes, spritz around you, and inhale deeply.

REPEL MOTHS & INSECTS: Place a few drops of lavender essential oil on a cotton ball & place in linen closets or drawers to enhance the smell & repel bugs naturally.

NAIL CUTICLE TREATMENT: Warm up a small bowl of olive oil, add 4-6 drops to the oil and stir. Dip nails and cuticles into mixture, soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and apply lavender lotion.

DANDRUFF: Rub several drops of lavender essential oil onto the scalp to help eliminate dandruff. Do this before bedtime (you will sleep better as well) or prior to showering.

MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: Massage a few drops of lavender essential oil onto your lower abdomen or apply hot compress with lavender sprinkled or spritzed on.

NATURAL PERFUME: Forget toxic fragrances, try using all natural lavender essential oil instead, add a drop or more to pulse point (neck, wrist).

SMELLY FEET: Add 4-6 drops of lavender essential oil to a warm bowl of water & mix around. Soak feet for 5-10 minutes, then scrub with cloth, pat dry & apply lavender lotion. Fresh again!

NATURAL DETANGLER: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to conditioner when in shower, apply to hair, leave in for 1 minute & then rinse out.

SORE THROAT: Add 4 drops lavender essential oil to a warm glass of water mix well & gargle 30 seconds, then spit out. Repeat 2-3 times per day. Please make sure to only use essential oil that is GRAS and labeled for internal use.

PRETEST ANXIETY: Apply few drops to wrists before test time, if needed during test deeply inhale lavender aroma from your wrists. You can use a tissue, apply a few drops to it & have in your pocket instead if preferred. Likewise, using peppermint oil while studying and then again during examinations has been clinically proven to improve grades up to 20%!

NATURAL BODY CLEANSER: Instead of using soap when bathing or showering, apply 3-6 drops of lavender essential oil to a wash cloth & scrub entire body.

REDUCE MENTAL STRESS AT WORK: Take slow, deep breaths & inhale the lavender aroma from the bottle or from a tissue infused with lavender essential oil.

CRYING: Diffuse lavender into air

GAS/FLATULENCE: Take in an empty capsule (GRAS lavender essential oil only, make sure it is labeled for internal use) or massage over stomach. Ginger essential oil works great as well.

POISON OAK/IVY: Apply lavender essential oil to affected areas, may dilute as needed for better coverage.

TEETHING PAIN: Swab a small amount along jawbone.

STRETCH MARKS: Add few drops lavender essential oil to carrier oil and rub on location. Best to have a daily application routine, like after your shower, stretch marks will take time to fade but with persistence they will.

WRINKLES: Dab a drop of lavender essential oil below eyes (KEEP OUT OF EYES) and onto laugh lines/crows feet. You can also add to facial moisturizer & apply to face.

ADDICTIONS: Inhale lavender essential oil aroma directly from the bottle or diffuse oil into air.

POOR CONCENTRATION/FOCUS: Diffuse lavender into air or inhale aroma directly from the bottle.

HAIR CARE: Add two to four drops to your hairbrush and brush your hair. Not only will it smell great, doing this helps to condition it naturally

BLISTER: Apply lavender essential oil on blister. Protect blister from further rubbing or friction. If too tender may, spritz lavender essential oil on.

VERTIGO/DIZZY SPELL: Rub few drops of lavender essential oil on jawbone near the ear and to bone behind ear.

POSTPARTUM: Beat the baby blues, inhale lavender essential oil aroma directly from the bottle or diffuse into air.

RINGWORM: Rub a few drops of lavender essential oil to affected area, reapply as needed. Make sure to wash hands well after touching the spot to prevent spreading.

RESPIRATORY RELIEF: Diffuse lavender essential oil or rub on nasal passages & around chest to help provide relief for coughs, allergies & inflammation.

TEETH GRINDING: Before bedtime, apply a few drops of lavender to jaw bone up to temples to stop grinding at night

SHINGLES RELIEF: Apply lavender essential oil to affected areas to soothe the pain, alleviate the irritation & stop the itching. Shingles can often be associated with life stressors, lavender can help with that as well.

SCENTED DRIED OR SILK FLOWERS: Sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oils onto flowers or lightly mist then with lavender & water from spray bottle. Can use on wreaths too.

OFFICE ATMOSPHERE: Diffuse in work space to promote a calm and serene environment; add lemon essential oil as well for clearing up the stale air!

NATURAL DRYER SHEET: Apply 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil on a wet cloth & place in the dryer before turning on.

NATURAL/NON-TOXIC CARPET FRESHENER: Mix 1/2 cup of baking soda with 10 drops of lavender essential oil, sprinkle on carpet, wait 20 minutes and then vacuum up.

REFRESHEN POTPOURRI: Add a few drops to stale potpourri & mix. Make it last longer, saves you money!

LAUNDRY HAMPER/SCHOOL LOCKERS: Apply a few drops to a paper towel & place in bottom of laundry hamper or school locker. No more stinky gym socks!!

NATURAL AIR FRESHENER: Mix several drops of lavender essential oil with distilled water into a spray bottle, shake & mist into air.

CALM ANXIOUS DOG: Wet a bandanna, wring out & sprinkle a few drops of lavender essential oil to bandanna & tie around dog’s neck. Also works well to rub 1-2 drops directly on the pets belly.