The Odd Reasons Why We Are Attracted to Certain People

Sometimes we come across people and think we have some kind of special connection. We notice them from across the room or maybe even spot them in a crowd and are drawn to them, why does this happen?

While we may want to think that this person is our soulmate or maybe even a potential twin flame, is it really that simple? Well to be completely honest, there is a lot that goes into attraction and why we are attracted to the people we are attracted to. There is a reason for that tugging sensation you feel towards that person.

When it comes to who we are attracted to, our minds tend to pick people whose defenses match ours. For instance, if we are controlling in general, we may opt for a partner that is quite passive. Physical attraction in itself is based on instinctwhether we realize it or not. We can usually tell whether or not we are attracted to someone within the first couple minutes of being around them, this even without words.

Some psychologists actually believe that we choose our partners based on the composite image of our parents or caretakers when we were children. These people were the ones we relied on for everything and for that reason we use our partners to ‘relive our childhood.’ While I do not entirely agree with this idea, it does have quite a few points that make sense. A lot of people tend to end up with significant others who are a bit like their parents.

One study actually found that people could for the most part successfully pick out photos of a woman’s husband based off of photos of her father. Many forms of research have actually shown that we choose mates partially on the basis of similarity. Those who grew up with more positive father figures were more likely to choose mates who looked similar when compared to those who had less positive emotional atmospheres.

When it comes to attraction, the appearance means a lot more than most people want to admit. Sure, this person could truly be your soulmate but then again it could just be that he or she is a bit too familiar for different reasons, could it just be a mix of both? What do you think about all of this?