21 Filling Foods That Also Help You Lose Weight

Losing weight can be quite the journey. You get so focused on what you can or can not have, that you lose your focus on losing weight.

I like to keep a list of foods that will help me shed those unwanted pounds. Keep in mind that a lot of times people fail a weight loss program because they feel deprived or as if they cannot enjoy something. There are so many foods that you can eat out there.

21 Filling Foods That Help You Lose Weight

1. Beans

Full of fiber, beans can help you feel full, clear out toxins, and they are versatile and yummy.

2. Green Tea

As long as you are drinking it without fattening creams and sugars, green tea can really help in your weight loss goals. Caffeine aids in stimulating fat burning mechanisms and antioxidants clean your body of fat causing toxins.

3. Apples

This is a fruit that is high in fiber, but it is also known to be low in calories.

4. Bananas

A great fruit to take with you on the go, but also high in fiber and potassium. Makes a great alternative to a candy bar.

5. Blueberries

Are a great food to help you shed the pounds because they are high in antioxidants. Blueberries are also great for fighting obesity and hypertension.

6. Oatmeal

When oatmeal is used in basic recipes, it is amazing how filling it can be. You do not want to add sugar to it, but you can use it to bake breads, muffins, and several other amazing treats. However, it is not fattening like flour.

7. Sweet Potatoes

If you are trying to shed pounds, you will want to be more focused on eating sweet potatoes and not regular potatoes. Regular potatoes are full of starch and can be fattening.

8. Cheese

Shedding pounds is easy when you eat the right stuff. Cheese can be filling and it is not full of sugar.

9. Plate Of Veggies

Nature gives us veggies for a reason. Chow down on a plate of these to help you shed points. Veggies are low in calories, but very filling to the tummy. They also are not harsh on your waist line.

10. Almonds

Such a great form of protein to help keep you fuller longer. A hand full of nuts a couple of times a week can help you shed the pounds by keeping you fuller longer.

11. Dark Chocolate

Yes, you can eat chocolate and still slim your waistline and shed the pounds. Dark chocolate has antioxidants, but it also does not have as much sugar as milk chocolate.

If you are trying to avoid sweets, but want something, this will do the trick.

12. Chicken

When chicken is made right, it can be a food to help aid you in shedding pounds. It is amazing how many different meals you can make with chicken as well.

13. Steak

Yes, you can eat things like steak and still lose weight. Steak is a great protein and something you should enjoy to help you shed those pounds.

14. Hot Sauce

This actually works for some people, but putting hot sauce on your food can help you feel fuller. Some people say that eating spicy peppers can also help. Guess you will have to try and see if either of these work for you.

15. Cauliflower

It is almost as if this food needs to be in its own category, but thanks to creative people, you can make almost anything out of a cauliflower. You can definitely make a healthy version of pizza that you love, without all of the carbs.

16. Eggs

Who does not love eggs? It is the perfect food to help you shed the pounds. Eggs taste great, but they also help keep you full longer!

The fact that eggs can be used in many recipes is also very helpful!

17. Different Types Of Soup

Because soup is not high in carbohydrates, it can be the perfect food to help you shed the pounds. Think of your favorite soups and try implementing them in your weight loss plan.

18. Celery With Peanut Butter

Celery is made mostly of water which makes it less fattening than any other food. In fact, it takes more calories to chew celery than you actually get.

However, it adds much-needed fiber and folic acid. Slap on some peanut butter for a high protein snack. Perfect for shedding the pounds.

19. Fish

Fish is high in DHA, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. Protein builds muscle thus decreasing fat, so the more salmon or trout you eat, the more pounds you will shed.

20. Nuts

Nuts provide a multitude of essential nutrients from protein to magnesium, but it is important to eat the right nuts to help aid in weight loss. Some nuts are very high in carbohydrates.

Here are the best nuts for shedding those pounds and feeling full doing it – Almonds, Brazil nuts, Walnuts, Pistachios, and Cashews.

21. Whole Grains

Your body uses more calories to break down whole grains and uses the essential nutrients rather than storing them. If you need to eat carbohydrates, it is important to eat whole grains.

As you can see, you do not have to deprive yourself of the food you love. From protein and nuts to whole grains and hot sauce, there are various ways to eat healthy that also keep your taste buds happy!

These 21 foods can help you shed the pounds in their own way, rotate these foods into your diet and watch how your metabolism changes and you start shedding pounds.


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