Now HOLOGRAPHIC HAIR is Here… Hottest Alien-Like Hair Trend for 2018?!

2018 will be the year of holographs as they enter into the world of fashion with holographic nails. Holographic colors are going to be spreading to clothing, accessories and even onto hairstyles.

The Hottest Hair Trend Right Now Is Holographic Hair

One of the first hairstylists to take on the trend and bring holographic hair coloring is Ross Michaels Hair Salon. The salon has mixed shades of blonde with bright blues, soft pink and pastel lavender to give hair the metallic holographic effect that people crave and it has turned heads. Pictures of hair dyed with holographic colors have surfaced on social media such as Instagram and Pinterest and sparked a great deal of interest.

Hairstyles have been seen with names such as “opal hair” and the colors are similar to those seen in holographs. Next year it is thought that the trend is going to continue and it will be the in-thing for summer 2018.

Here are some of the best photographs of holographic hair coloring that have been posted on social media, where people have voted for the best.

Blue, Pink Shiny Wavy Hair

Muted Colors with Blonde

Long Wavy Blonde Pastel Hair

Close-Up of Stunning Holographic Pastel Hair

Tousled Lazy Plaited Muted Color Hair

Crown Plaited Stunning Blue, Pink Holo Hair

Middle Plaited Weaved Holographic Hair

Pale Colored Long Wavy Hair


I like it myself !  This would be easy to achieve with my naturally premature silver hair !!

The Oily Guru


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