9 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Turned Out To Be True in 2017 – Awareness Act

ctConspiracy theories are theories that explain events or other things of the sort as being the result of a plot by a covert group or organization. While lots of people choose not to believe in conspiracy theories every once and awhile we have one become a proven fact.

For some reason 2017 has been quite the revealing year. Instead of just one or two conspiracy theories being proven out we have managed to reach 9! Take a look below to see just what has become known in more recent times. There is a lot more to these conspiracy theories than people want to let on.

(Please remember these are in no specific order.)

1. Weather modification is very real.

While many people thought geoengineering would never see its day it seems to finally be becoming normal. Congress actually began holding hearings on this in more recent times. However, this is still a very controversial topic.

2. Vitamin C was proven to be able to fight cancer.

Researchers from the University of Iowa were successful in killing cancer cells in lab rats using vitamin C, and this was all done without damaging normal cells in the process. These researchers were able to conclude there was quite a lot of potential in regards to using vitamin C to fight cancer.

3. Witchcraft is being used by those with power.

I know, I know… this sounds ridiculous, but it is true. U.S. media giant Sally Quinn revealed that she believes strongly in the occult. She uses hexes on people who get her blood boiling and claims to have caused some interesting things.

4. Hollywood is being exposed for sexually abusing children, women, and men.

Victims are finally beginning to speak out about the things they have been through. Big Hollywood names are no longer able to get away with abusing their power in this manner. I am sure you have heard all about the Harvey Weinstein allegations. It is amazing that so many people are coming together to support one another.

5. The U.S. has been aiding terrorists in Syria.

The BBC finally admitted something we never thought we would hear. It was confirmed that the US and Syrian Defence Forces aided thousands of ISIS fighters KNOWINGLY! A report from this year was able to conclude that 97 percent of the weapons used by the Islamic State were supplied by the U.S. illegally. We have a lot more to do with things that you realize.

6. The CIA planned the 1953 Iranian Coup

Not only this but they also carried it out. This was brought to light in a batch of newly declassified documents. These documents were titled: “Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954, Iran, 1951-1954.” You can read over them by clicking here.

7. The CIA traffics drugs.

History channel outdid themselves with this one. History channel made a documentary series titled: “America’s War on Drugs.”  In this they went over how the CIA is obsessed with things we should not be caught up in. When getting what they want these people are great, but cross them and you will have another thing coming.

8. The EPA allows chemical companies to use the public as guinea pigs/lab rats.

Yes, this was proven not too long ago. 20,000 documents were released back in August that proved the EPA was conspiring with several chemical companies to release toxic substances to the public. After fraudulent safety testing was revealed in these papers, they also revealed that rather than working to protect the public the EPA was holding secret meetings with chemical companies and letting them know their products would be sold regardless.

To look over these papers yourself, click here.

9. The Federal Reserve was exposed as being a part of U.S. Intelligence.

According to a report from Reuters confidential accounts within the Reserve have been used by the U.S. Treasury and other departments. This happened a few times a year. You can learn more on that by clicking here.

Things like this come to light far more often than you think. Check out this video for some of the biggest conspiracy theories throughout history that turned out to be true. There is a lot our government does not want us to know. Do not be a sheep.


Gerald Sinclair