Is an apology enough?  What are your thoughts? 

 – The Oily Guru

“I’m someone who, you know, hugs people,” Franken said

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) said he knows he “crossed the line” for some women after multiple sexual misconduct allegations have been made against him.

Franken also said during the interview he is planning to go forward and takes responsibility for his actions.

“I’m going to be held accountable, and I’m going to try to be productive in the way I speak about this,” he said.



  1. ren

    What a joke! The old days of saying, “Gee, I sorry. What a bad boy I was (am). It won’t happen again (in the same way).” and allowing it to be swept under the rug is no more. NOPE! Those days ore done! Too many people are now awake and more continue to awaken to the illusion. It is time for our new Earth/Planet of compassion, love, peace…etc….

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      1. ren

        And it really goes much deeper than that. There no longer is a need to be angry and upset. Not really. The longer we continue to hold on to the negative…. the longer it will take to get this done.

        It is time to forgive and move on in life. The cabal actually are afraid of us right now. They know they lost. They want this ‘game’ to end just as quickly as we do. We need to be the bigger people now.


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