11 Types Of Pain Directly Linked To Emotional Issues

Over the years studies have shown that pain is not only caused by physical injury, but also by emotional issues. The pain could be a warning that there is work to be done in certain areas of our life.

Here is a list of 11 pains that may be directly linked to your emotional state:


Headaches are an indication of daily stress. Take some time out to relieve the stress.


The neck is associated with forgiving others and yourself. It’s important to think about the things you love about them, and yourself to release the pain.


Shoulder pain is associated with emotional burdens. Try to solve the emotion problem or share the load with trusted loved ones.

Upper Back

Upper back pain is associated with lack of emotional support. It could be that you’re not feeling loved or appreciated. If you are single, now could be the time to go on a date.

Lower Back

Lower back pain is associated with financial problems. Sit down and focus on managing your money better. Seek the help of a financial adviser if need be.


Arm and elbow pain is associated with lack of flexibility. Maybe you should loosen up a bit; you could be resisting the natural flow of changes that are occurring.


Hand pain is associated with not being able to reach out to others, in the way you should be. Try spending some time actively meeting new people.


Hips pain is associated with fear of change, moving, or making huge decisions. You might be too cautious when making decisions.


Emotional Pain Chart
Image Credit: Centripetal Force Studio


Knee pain is associated with the egoHumble yourself; no one is perfect.


Ankle pain is associated with a need for pleasure. Try taking some time out to pamper yourself.


Feet pain is associated with depression. Depression is hard to beat, yet there are ways to fight it. Try to keep yourself occupied with a new hobby or something that gives you pleasure.

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