20 DIY Bath and Shower Bombs

It’s time to stock up on inexpensive “giving” containers at your local discount store.  These spa creations are sure-fire hits for your holiday gift giving and inexpensive as well.  Make, package and gift!  Presto!!!

1. Uplifting Shower Bombs1PopSugar gives us the scoop on making simple, uplifting shower bombs.

 2. Citrus + Lavender Bath Bombs2Evermine made homemade bath fizzles with a combination of citrus and lavender. Great for your evening soak!

3. Peppermint Shower Bombs3If you like minty aromas check out Pink When for the recipe.

4. Grapefruit Bath Bombgrapefruit-citrus-fizzy-bath-bombsHappiness is Homemade shows us critic acid and baking soda as the foundation for these grapefruit bath bombs.

5. Sinus Shower Bombsdiy-sinus-shower-bombsLove & Marriage gives us a wonderful DIY for stuffy noses .

6. Lemon Bath Bombsdiy-lemon-bath-bomb

If you’re a fan of lemon, you’ll want to stop by A Pumpkin And A Princess .  Great for summertime.

7. Rose + Milk Bath Bombsdiy-rose-bath-bomb

Nourish your skin and feel like you’ve walked into a rose garden.  A Pumpkin And A Princess impresses with this one!

8. Essential Oil Shower Bombs young-living-essential-oils-shower-bomb-for-congestion-and-relaxation-www-amandabrunngraeber-com-member-number-1914125Young Living essential oils place these babies  from Amanda Brunngraeber at the top of the list.  Made with pure, therapeutic grade, ORGANIC essential oils.  The only oils I recommend are Young Living.

9. Lavender Bath Bombsdiy-lavender-bath-bombs-main

She Knows makes  beautifully simple bath bombs with lavender. Who doesn’t love Lavender!

10. Blended Shower BombsShower Bombs DIYAimlessly Elegant shows us several aromatherapy blended shower bombs helpful for a number of maladies.

11. Candy Cane Bath BombsDIY Candy Cane Bath BombsThese candy cane bath bombs are perfect all year round but particularly during the holidays.  Great gifts and stocking stuffers.  A Mom’s Take has all the details.

12. Jelly Shower Bombspink bath jelliesElle Sees made these adorable jelly bombs.  Looks like a fun shower gel for the kids .

13. Colorful Bath BombsDIY Colorful Bath BombsIdlewife shows us how to make simple, colorful bath bombs.

 14. De-Stress Shower BombsDIY De Stress Shower TabletsPerfect de-stress and relax with this DIY from Hello Glow. This one uses lavender and chamomile blossoms.

15. Cupcake + Hearts Bath BombsDIY Bath BombsMake in fun shapes.  Wayfair shows us how easy they are to create.

16. Green Tea Bath Bombs


Bloomi shows us how to make green tea bath bombs. Have you ever heard of Matcha?

 17. Oatmeal Bath Bombs


My Frugal Adventures shows us soothing oatmeal bath bombs that will nourish your skin

 18. White Tea + Coconut Oil Bath Bombs













Check out these beautiful white tea and coconut oil bath bombs from Bakingdom. We’re loving the colors and shapes of these cuties!

19. Midas Touch Bath Bombs























Soap Queen made these  “Midas Touch” bath bombs.   We won’t divulge all the details but will say that champagne fragrances are included!

20. Pink Hearts + Silver Sparkles


The Gunny Sack made these adorable pink heart bath bombs that easily double as gifts or party favors.

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