What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Sex Life

Who knew the rainbow could tell us so much about our adventures in the bedroom?  Even if you think you don’t technically have a favorite color, you have to have one you’re at least always drawn to, whether you realize it or not.  From purple to red, check out what your favorite color says about your sex life!

Red: You’re proud of your bedroom skills. In fact, you’re so proud you wouldn’t mind bringing another into the bedroom to show off your skills or even to make your own naughty video.

Orange: You don’t have much difficulty getting intimate with someone so you’re proud of your one-night stands. You also like to get into character, so a little role-playing might be on your menu.

Yellow: You have really high expectations for your love life. When you meet someone you’re thinking about sleeping with, you immediately create an image for them. If you think they’re freaky, you expect them to be really freaky; or if you think they’re loving, you expect to have some really romantic love-making. They usually don’t reach your expectations, but that never really kills the mood for you.

Green: You tend to be a little insecure about your love-making, so you want to do someone who is going to constantly be showering you in compliments and telling you how good you are. You really like a partner who is not afraid to be as loud as they want to be in bed.

Blue: You go with the flow. You tend to prefer sweet and soft sex, but if someone wants to try something new you’re not against it, you’re good at keeping your cool. If something awkward happens in the bedroom, you’re the best at brushing it off.

Purple: You are one freaky person! You love to get rough and dirty! Anyone who sleeps with you gets introduced to a whole new world.

Pink: You’re very delicate and when you do it with someone, it’s a big deal. You don’t just undress for anyone, you’re very particular. You’re looking for love, not just love-making.

Brown: You’re definitely a morning sex kind of person—you enjoy the laziness of it and the adorable sleepiness in your partner’s eyes. You’d rather do it slowly, and you enjoy that you don’t have to do much.

Black: For you, it’s all about the game. You like to tease and be teased, so it’s no surprise that you enjoy playing with all the senses in the bedroom—blindfolds, ice, and feathers are no mystery to you when getting freaky.

Grey: You really hate the cuddling sessions people insist on having after the fun is over. You’d rather have a quickie and then quickly make your exit. You don’t usually do it in your own bed because you don’t want to go through the awkward hassle of kicking them out. Commitment-phobe maybe?…

White: You think your so freakin’ innocent, so you try to have sweet love making. But we all know, you’re a freak deep down. Don’t be afraid to try your dominant side in the bedroom, you may like it more than you think.

Neon Colors: You like it fast, but also you want it to last as long as possible. So that means you may add some outside help, like lots of lube, bedroom toys, or even maybe a little medical or herbal stimulant.

Pastel Colors: Your head is always in the clouds, so you’re always daydreaming about the perfect bedroom mate. This ultimately tends to screw you up, because you put all your partners on a pedestal that they can’t live up to.

Bold Colors: You’re a dom. You like to tell your partner what to do to please you and if they don’t listen, oh, you’ll make sure to punish them.

Color Blind: You’re a wild card. You come off mysteriously and no one knows what to expect to come from you when they get you in bed.

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