9 Signs That You Possess A Higher Than Average IQ

The organization ‘IQ Research’ reports that the United States of America scores among the top 10 countries for IQ levels with an average score of 98. The highest score belongs to Hong Kong and Singapore, each scoring 108. A well-known and accepted method of testing the intelligence level of anyone who takes the test, this score can provide us with important information about various geographic locations, cultures, and groups within our society.

In 1916 a scale was created providing us with a clear understanding of the various IQ scores that would qualify as a ‘High IQ’ or ‘Genius IQ’ starting with a score of 115. It is important to note, to put everything into perspective, that Einstein ‘only’ scored approximately 160.

The difficulty in defining intelligence for many is that we define it in relation to our own area of expertise. For example, an engineer will define it in relation to the traits that define a good engineer, whereas a doctor will define it in a way that relates directly to the traits of a good doctor. Using a standardized IQ testing system allows us to have a better idea of where one stands in relation to the human population as a whole.

smartThe real question, however, is ‘how does your IQ impact your ability to succeed?’   The real, blunt answer is that it doesn’t unless you learn how to use it…

Your IQ is merely a measurement of the potential of your wisdom and mental capabilities. Directing our attention to those that the test deems are more likely to be emotionally intelligent, creative and mentally advanced. Is this a true measure of intelligence, or does it contain notable deficiencies?

Experts say that while the IQ score is accurate in most cases, there are situations in which an individual with a high-level intelligence may score poorly. For example, if someone is facing a language barrier or another significant cultural barrier this may impact their score. Furthermore, if someone is testing, however, isn’t fully focused or committed to the test before them, they may find that a lack of effort can impact their final score.

Have you ever carried out a standardized IQ test? Do you believe that you would score highly in an IQ test?

Watch for these 9 scientifically proven signs that you have a higher IQ than average:

1. You embrace your laziness.

You would assume that someone with a higher IQ level would be organized and prepared to take on the world, right? Experts say that the opposite is actually true. In a recent study, experts found that those who embrace their laziness are actually more focused on their thoughts, scoring higher in IQ!

2. You view life and reality differently.

With a higher level of creativity, highly intelligent people often find themselves viewing life in a new, and different, way from their peers. Blessed with new and unique ideas and approaches to life’s problems, they are unafraid of ‘bucking tradition,’ embracing their own knowledge. In fact, studies show that people with a higher intelligence are less more likely to favor a liberal approach than a conservative/traditional approach to life’s problems.

3. You embrace the night, identifying as a ‘night owl.’

We all grow up with the phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm,’ but have you ever considered that the worm may not actually be the best prize available? Experts have found that those of us who have been found to possess a higher intelligence are more likely to stay up late at night, always ‘on’ and focused on security.

4. You are a loner.

Have you noticed that you don’t tend to connect with others around you? Do you find that you struggle to connect with your peers? This may actually be a sign of a higher level of intelligence. In a 2016 study, researchers found that those who score as ‘highly intelligent’ are more likely to leave a solitary life, unconcerned with labels such as ‘anti-social.’

5. You are a leftie.

There are many experts that genuinely believe that lefties have the upper hand, and among those is the infamous Dr. Oz. In a conversation with Oprah, he explained that “Left-handed people can deal with more incoming information that doesn’t come in an organized way.”

6. You are more trusting.

While you may assume that those who are more intelligent and knowledgeable know better than to trust others in their life, the opposite has been proven to be true. Those who score higher on IQ testing are found to be more trusting of others that they encounter. Doing so not only indicates their IQ level but is also associated with a higher level of happiness as well as a better overall level of physical health.

7. You may have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Surprisingly, scientists have discovered that children diagnosed with bipolar disorder, developed at a later age, statistically score higher in IQ testing. This is largely due to their high level of creativity. Feeling alone? There are a number of well-known, successful individuals that fit this description including Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway.

8. You took music lessons.

A highly discussed topic currently due to the debate over the state of the arts in our school systems, experts state that there is an increase in IQ for those who have taken music lessons throughout the course of their lives. This Is due to the fact that thinking through music forces students to consider living in a more structured and functionally organized manner.

9. You swear regularly, and you aren’t embarrassed by it.

Those who are more comfortable using ‘taboo’ language have also been found to possess a higher vocabulary. Also, by embracing their language, regardless of what society may think, they demonstrate that they are more comfortable with who they truly are, refusing to define themselves by society’s standards.


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