Men Who Marry Chubby Women Are Ten Times Happier, According To Science

Society might make you think that thick women are less desirable, but according to science men who are with them are happier! This amazing psychological study revealed that fat women have happier men!

Of course, society has once again demanded a unfair standard upon people, especially women. Society has too often portrayed thicker women as undesirable, not good enough, or unable to be loved. However, science says that men who are with fat women are happier! A study conducted by the Department of Psychology At UNAM discovered that men who were dating women who were chubby were not only happier than those who weren’t, but they were ten times happier!

According to the study conducted by the Department of Psychology, the happiest of men in a relationship were those who were dating a thick woman! According to the study, chunkier women tend to have more of the good traits that skinny girls don’t! Big girls are sweeter people, and they are additionally foodies! Every guy loves a girl that he can share a great meal with and enjoy every minute of it! Not only do they enjoy food with you, but they are better cooks!

According to the researchers, men smile more when they are with chubby partners. They also revealed that they solve problems better and more efficiently. A high BMI has an interesting side effect of being able to identify the man’s needs and make him happy!

The next time you might judge someone for being chubby, remember that they might be able to keep your man happier than you do! We must show appreciation for our thick girls – they make the world go round.

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