10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Alpha Personality

Alphas in animals are the leaders of the pack. In humans, those with an Alpha Personality are associated with enormous amount of confidence and ambition combined with aggression and ‘go get ’em’ attitude. However this confidence of an Alpha is often misunderstood to be arrogance and so on.

Here are 10 traits of Alphas which are looked down by others because they don’t understand how an Alpha functions.

1. The no-nonsense attitude-

They believe in getting straight to the point and would never beat around the bush.

2. Actions over words-

Alphas pay heed to what people get done, instead of what they say they will do. However this skepticism doesn’t go well with others.

3. Being Antisocial-

Alphas are not exactly antisocial, however they don’t think that they have to attend every single party in town.

4. Being Blunt-

Since they don’t believe in beating around the bush, it would be better to not try to lie to an Alpha. They won’t respect you after that.

5. Skepticism-

Not just people, Alphas are skeptical even about situations and events. However, they are wise in their skepticism and don’t take things far beyond necessary precautions.

6. Alone Time-

Alphas find their own company very agreeable and don’t necessarily need others to enjoy.

7. Going under the radar-

Again, it might be incomprehensible to others, but alphas can disappear from the social scene for a long time without necessarily being depressed.

8. They are not desperate-

Though like everyone else they would like to have a significant other in life. But because they are self dependent they are ready to wait for that person instead of being desperate.

9. They set their own standards- and reach them-

They don’t feel the need to conform to societal standards and expectations which baffles others.

10. Their priorities-

They would always place self growth and development high in their lives. The fact that they would prefer a learning opportunity over frolicking with friends might not go well with others.

I’m an ALPHA.  Are you??

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