Sugarfina’s Tequila-Infused Gummies

Like a classier version of the vodka-soaked gummy bears found on every college campus across the United States, tequila-infused gummies are here to take your party game up a notch. Sugarfina, the California-based candy boutique responsible for last year’s massively popular rosé gummy bears, recently announced a collaboration with tequila company Casamigos, which happens to count George Clooney among its founders. The result of this sweet partnership is guaranteed to set your margarita-loving heart aflutter.

The Sugarfina x Casamigos Collection introduces three new, boozy candies, each flavored with a different type of tequila. Naturally, this includes a margarita-inspired gummy, “Shake Your Margarita,” which combines Blanco tequila and hints of lime for a “crisp, clean” taste. If sour candy is more your style, you’ll probably want to go for the Reposado-infused “Paloma Por Favor,” which takes its cue from the tart, grapefruit-based drink of the same name. The “Give It A Shot,” a dark chocolate cordial filled with Añejo tequila, is perfect for anyone who loves chocolate and hates gummies.  individual package of candy costs $8.50, but if you’re dying to try all three — and honestly, who wouldn’t be after reading all that? — they’re sold together in a “bento box,” for $28.

Oh, did I mention that the “Give It A Shot” contains real alcohol? It’s a sugary, boozy dream come true.

“Shake Your Margarita,” $8.50, Sugarfina“Paloma Por Favor,” $8.50,Sugarfina“Give It a Shot” Tequila Cordials, $8.50, Sugarfina“You Had Me at Tequila” Bento Box, $28, Sugarfina

Needless to say, the collection has been a hit online.

i love gummy candy and i love tequila and i approve of this pairing. thank you, @sugarfina 

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Tequila-Infused Gummies Have Arrived Just in Time For Margarita Season

Sugarfina is back with their latest alcohol-infused treats; this time, it’s tequila gummies.

This @sugarfina x @Casamigos candy is perfect for happy hour! 😍

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Tequila-Infused Gummies Have Arrived, and You Need to Find Them ASAP!

Is it 5 o’clock yet? There’s a new line of tequila-infused candy from Sugarfina, and we have a feeling you’re not going to want to wait until happy hour to dig

This isn’t the first time Sugarfina’s offerings have made the news. Remember the rosé gummy bears I mentioned earlier? When they hit the market last summer, they sold out in two hours, and the wait list reached 18,000 people at its peak. (If you’re just now discovering this, the bears appear to be in stock again.) Fast forward to this spring, and the company announced that “Green Juice” Gummy Bears, initially an April Fool’s prank, had become a tongue-in-cheek reality.

The gummies may be pricey, but clearly, people are ready and willing to drop serious cash on boozy candy. If you’re one of them, you may want to order from the Casamigos collection sooner rather than later. Nobody wants to find themselves on the wrong end of an 18,000-person wait list.