Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake?…Yes, Please!

I adore cakes without frosting almost as much as I adore pumpkin. Check this out from a fellow blogger. Oh yes, I will be making this soon! Slurp!!!

A Day of Small Things...

My fellow military wives will understand when I say that military life can seem very temporary. We experience temporary homes, jobs, churches,neighborhoods, states and even countries of residency. The opportunity to put down roots can seem rare and it can sometimes feel like you are always packing or unpacking boxes…and hoping that your treasures arrive in one piece. This week my family took a big step away from temporary and toward permanent with a closing on a house we have grown to love…the very one we are living in now. I am happy to announce this 1920, original classic American Foursquare (the jury is still out in regards to its status as a Sears Kit House) in beautiful downtown Annapolis is officially ours…front porch and all! Let the reno games begin…and make them as easy as an episode of “Property Brothers”.

Let’s celebrate…with Cake…Pumpkin Spice Latte Cake!

The Usual Cast…

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