Why People In Pisces Are The Hardest To Understand (And Don’t Care If They’re Misunderstood)

Pisces are so imaginative that they tend to keep to themselves and close up in a shell where they stay in their own world. They’re caring, have big hearts and very gentle – but even they have issues with themselves. They have so many thoughts that they get trapped in them.

They live off of love and are the most intuitive sign in the entire Zodiac, which means that the other signs have a lot to learn from them. So, why are Pisces so difficult to understand?

They keep things to themselves.

One of the reasons that gives people a hard time when trying to understand a Pisces is because they keep things to themselves. They devote a lot of time to themselves in solitude, making it hard for others to reach out to them.

But Pisces need time. They will eventually express their thoughts and feelings, but they first need to form a bond with a person. They are emotionally highly stable and aren’t liable like other signs.

Reality? Give them a break.

Yup, Pisces like to escape reality often. Simply because the fast paced, modern world exhausts them. This causes them to cozy up in the comfort of their own thoughts.

I personally love this about Pisces, because I think it makes them appear more mysterious. And once you understand this about them, you’ll bond much stronger with your Pisces friend.

Getting too close to the flame may burn them.

This is a common trait of a Pisces. They want to get close, but they’re afraid of getting hurt. Mostly because they’ve been burned before and people have taken advantage out of their kindness. Once you understand this, give them a chance. They will open up and build a very strong romantic or platonic relationship.

They fall in love easily.

Pisces tend to offer their heart easily because they are simply too kind. They do there best to see the best in people – even if those people may have heart a Pisces. This ends up snowballing into a bigger issue for a Pisces, which usually is the one to end up getting hurt.

No matter how hurt a Pisces can be, they still believe in the good of the people. This gift to be able to naturally love at any given time makes Pisces the most special sign. So, try not to hurt a Pisces because you won’t find love like this.

They are independent and don’t need anyone’s support.

This is something I LOVE about Pisces! No matter how much love they offer and kindness, their core is solitude. Relationships exhaust them and sometimes they need to get away from everything and recharge their batteries. They always find their own way to get things done and don’t like depending on other people. Go Pisces!


As a Pisces this certainly resonates with me.  How about you?

Roxy – The Oily Guru


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