What You See First Reveals Your Subconscious Fear!


A picture that can unravel my hidden fear? Nooo way. I know this is what your thinking (and what I was at first) but give it a try — it’ll be worth it.

We all have fears. We all are frightened to our guts when they become reality. Whether you’re afraid of spiders, heights or even butterflies – these are our fears. But in order to conquer them, we must learn to understand them better.

It all happens in the subconscious part of our brains and depends how each of our brains are wired differently. And if you want to unravel your subconscious fear, the painting below by Vladimir Kush will help you shine light on that.

Make sure to examine the picture closely, and see which object draws you the closest. Give it a little time, don’t rush. Depending on which object you choose, you’ll be able to find out what you subconscious fear is. Now look below to find the image and read the analyses of the object you chose below. Let’s discover your hidden fears!



If you saw the knife the first which is in front of the apple, then your subconscious fear is most likely terminal illness. The idea of death alone causes you to cringe and feel anxiety. Your heart races about just thinking about aging and suffering.


Seeing the caterpillar first reveals an interesting fear of yours, and that’s evil spirits. You get spooked when lights start to flicker, doors close on their own and when the window shutters keep opening and closing. Just the fact of having a ghost around and it haunting you is something that even your subconscious mind is deadly scared of.


The butterfly reveals a deeper fear within people that are attracted to this image first. These people are afraid of being betrayed. This is because you’ve been betrayed so many times in life, that it has developed into a subconscious fear. This might even originate from a childhood trauma.


If the first thing that attracted you the most in this painting is the apple, then your deepest fear is death. Even though a lot of people are afraid of death, you take it to another level, by being deathly afraid of death. Losing someone to death is long healing process which you never really heal from. You take death very bad and can’t bear it.

It’s important that we face our fears, no matter what they are. But first, we must better understand them as this is the first step to that process. Fear is a human emotion and we can’t avoid it. But what we can do is overcome it. Stay strong!