Texas NORML Expands


Texas NORML has been looking to expand our ability to execute our mission for a long time. We now are in a position to do so through the creation of Foundation for an Informed Texas (FIT), a 501(c) 3 sister organization to Texas NORML.

One of the limitations of Texas NORML has been our 501(c)4 IRS status which allows us to lobby at the Capitol but prevents donations from being tax-deductible, thus constraining our fundraising efforts.  By moving certain educational activities to FIT, we are now able to apply for grants and accept tax deductible donations to further our mission to educate the citizens of Texas about current marijuana laws, the legislative process required to change them, and the benefits to society and medicine for doing so.

We have already established a wildly qualified team of Directors to spearhead the organization.  They are as follows:

  • Executive Director, Jax Finkel – has been the Executive Director of Texas NORML since 2015 and previously served as Deputy Director for 3 years.
  • Deputy Director, Amanda Berard – is a nurse and veteran who is doing her PhD thesis on veterans and medical cannabis.
  • Secretary, Carlos Caro – is an educator who did his master degree on federal marijuana prohibition.
  • Resource Director, Nishi Whiteley – is a published medical cannabis author and researcher.
  • Treasurer, Lisa Wise – a software guru and account director.

We believe that together we have a sound foundation to expand our existing educational programs from Texas NORML and create new opportunities.

However, we need your help to succeed! A key part of this organization is its 501(c)3 status so that we can take tax-deductible donations, apply for grants and more. This will be paramount to completing the next 2 years of our 5-year plan. We need to raise $80k by January 2018 to be able to execute our current timeline plan.

Therefore, the Texas NORML Board invites you to make a inaugural tax-deductible contribution to the Foundation for an Informed Texas and be one of our founding funders! This will get us going and enable us to search out grants and other fundraising opportunities to expand our educational reach. We also would like to request that you share this information with anyone you know who wants to support cannabis education.

You can donate online. Or send a check made out to Foundation for an Informed Texas to our registrant’s office at 10226 Missel Thrush Dr, Austin, TX 78750 . Or you can send via Paypal to informedtx@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

PS – You can follow FIT on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!