Old Farmer’s Almanac Reveals Forecast For Winter 2018 & It’s Not Pretty

Enjoy the summer, peeps. Winter, with all her frost, beauty and fury, will be making helluva entrance very soon!

It is that time of the year when winter is just about to approach, which means that the Old Farmer’s Almanac has released its forecast for the year.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is a pretty trustworthy source of information as far as the weather is concerned as they break down their readings to the very minute, and has been around for about two centuries. The latest reading is sent out in the summer, giving everyone adequate time to make necessary preparations.

As far as the winter of 2018 is concerned, here is what it says:

 Overall: Temperatures are expected to be nothing out of the ordinary in the north, with two words summing it up – cold and wet. South is expected to have colder than normal temperatures, but on a whole, there will be a significant increase is the cold. It is also expected rain more than it does or has been raining.

Northeast: Temperatures will be lower than usual winters and there will be an increase in the rainfall. Southern New England, Western New York and the hilly regions of the Appalachian will see a good amount of snowfall, probably higher than average.

Southeast: More than average rainfall, higher than usual drop in temperatures, chilly and cold surroundings.

Midwest: Surprisingly less intense winters than the area is used to experiencing, average snowfall and significant temperature drops. Will be moderate to a little above average.

Heartland: Wet, with more than usual amounts of rainfall, temperatures will be ranging from mild, average to above average across the grasslands and Texas. Overall, comfortable.

Southwest: None of the factors will be anything out of the average that the region is used to experiencing. Precipitation will be of the usual amounts.

West: The major part of California will be facing an average winter temperature and average amount of rainfall. More details to be found in the almanac itself.

Pacific Northwest: Colder than average temperature and the rainfall will be lesser than the average amount. The region will remain drier than usual.

So, all in all, it can be concluded that the general reading hints towards a colder than last year situation, so stock up on the winter supplies and gather enough wood for fires. Prepare for a harsher than average winter, but don’t miss out on its little joys!