Man Shares Images of Gross Ice Cream Tray in McDonald’s, and Gets Fired

Fast food restaurants are our go-to solutions for all things food. Quick, easy to access and affordable, in no time they have become the favored food outlets for us all.

However, the kitchen of a restaurant is something that receives little attention by the patrons. We usually form our opinions about the cleanliness of such outlets by observing the seating area and the servers. The kitchen is automatically assumed to be clean, or at the least acceptable by the usual standards.

As it turns out, our assumptions aren’t even close to the truth, especially when it comes to the ice-cream machines:

The above picture was posted by an ex-McDonald’s employee, and yes that tray is from an ice-cream machine.

Originally shared on July 14, this tweet went viral recently. This picture and a few others were tweeted by the then-employee which shows the appalling state of the cleanliness in the kitchens of one of the world’s biggest fast food franchises.

The picture above is that of a ‘drip tray’ and seems to be covered with a milky green substance that is definitely not ice-cream.

Nick, the employee who posted the photographs was fired soon after the pictures went up online. As per the reports by Food Beast, Nick already had a job offer before he tweeted the images. So maybe this was his way of spreading the word while riding away in style.

According to his interview to the Huffington Post, Nick had several times witnessed his co-workers dropping the food items and putting them back on the buns. The manager of the outlet was in-charge of keeping the trays clean, but Nick says that ever since he was hired (in March) he had rarely seen the manager do that.

Given the state of the tray he later on confirmed that it had indeed come from an ice-cream machine and not from a grease trap.

People keep quoting this and saying this is the reason it’s always down when it works perfectly fine with this in it

In an official statement to Huffington Post, a McDonald’s spokesperson said “We are committed to running great restaurants that provide our customers with high-quality food, service, and a clean environment…This is a part of our soft serve equipment that does not come into contact with any food and is required to undergo regular and timely cleaning.”

Of course, these pictures don’t reflect the state of all the McDonald’s outlets across the world, but they are still disturbing. And given the viral nature of this incident, the internet has stepped in with its favorite weapon of all-humor.