11 Habits of People With Hidden Depression

Depression is a serious psychological disorder that affects more and more people each year. People with hidden depression are battling their demons internally within themselves, without anyone knowing.

In the age of superficiality, we avoid telling other people our issues that causes us to bottle them inside us. Unfortunately, many people think this the remedy. If you’re reading this you must know about someone who does this, or maybe you’re even here for yourself. We’ll cover habits that depressed people have, and you’ll be shocked to find out that these aren’t your common habits.

1. They are talented and like to express themselves

There are a lot of famous people who have struggled with depression. The pain fuels their emotions and becomes are source of inspiration for them. A lot of comedians use jokes to make their ache go away. Robbin Williams, Jim Carrey, Louis C.K., Bill Hicks, Sarah Silverman are just a handful.

2. They are purpose seekers

A lot of us question our purpose in life. People with depression do this a lot, because their anxiety levels are so high that they’re obsessed existential questions about themselves.

3. Sometimes they have secret cries for help

We all someone to help us sometimes. If you see someone being weak, looking like they want to cry a river but are hesitating, please offer to talk to them. Once you connect a bond, trust builds up. You need to take action but not push too much and gradually obtain trust, which can help them fight their depression.

4. They have unusual sleeping patterns

People with depression can stay in their bed and sleep for days. There are times when all they want to do is sleep and other times when they can’t shut their eyelids.

5. Usually they have abandonment issues

Anyone that’s been abandoned knows how much this hurts. When an important figure leaves your life abruptly, the ache is unbearable. People with depression take the ache to another level. Their fear of abandonment causes them to curl up inside and avoid people so that no one walks from their life again.

6. They create their own remedies

The may choose different things to help cope with their depression sort of like in the form of a lifestyle remedy. This can be going to the gym, listening to music, strolling through the park or anything similar.

7. They have strange eating habits

That’s right, depression affects eating too. Most people think that people with depression eat less or even not at all, but people with depression can also eat too much. Their eating pattern changes, sometimes they can eat everything in the fridge and other times they can’t put a bread crumb in their mouth.

8. They always think of the worst case scenarios

A high intelligence seems to be linked with depression, which seems like a curse and a blessing at the same time. They are able to respond to any type of lemon life throws at them. The positive thing is that they are usually great problem solvers.

9. They always fake to act happy

In order to hide their emotions, people with depression have mastered hiding their mood by simply faking a smile. They bottle their demons because they are afraid that they may bring others down if they let them rise to the surface.

10. Creating cover-up stories is like their profession

A person with hidden depression can develop an elaborate excuse for just about anything. They can skip a doctor’s appointment or not return calls for days, and then come up with an unbelievable story to avoid attention towards their pain.

11. They can’t stop their brains from thinking

So many thoughts go through their head because they live their lives at high speed. They deeply analyze everything and go so deep they can’t stop their brains from thinking.
If you or someone you know is suffering from depression either try to offer them help or try to find help. We’re all stronger when we fight together. Not one battle has ever been won by a single person. Allow for people who love you to help you and remind yourself that you aren’t a burden to them
source: mindvsbrain