25 Simple Ways to Use Thieves Essential Oil


Thieves Essential Oil blend is a fantastic natural addition to your medicine cabinet.  This oil is a proprietary blend of rosemary, cloves and other aromatics and botanicals.  It’s beneficial for immune support and is well known for it’s purifying properties.  Thieves can be used as an aromatic or topically, giving it a lot of versatility.  How versatile, you ask?  Well, here’s just a sample of the simple ways to use Thieves essential oil in your home.

1. Immune Support Capsules – Pour a few drops of the oil in a capsule and swallow with water for a boost to your immune system.  Fight off colds during flu season before you even feel them coming!  Or take them periodically on a regular schedule to increase longevity.

2.  Topical Rub – Feeling ill?  Kick cold or stomach bug symptoms to the curb.  Dilute Thieves with regular olive oil and rub it on the soles of the feet (or along the spine for particularly nasty bugs).  This will help your body absorb their purifying properties and jump start your immune response to sickness.

3. Laryngitis – Place a diluted drop of Thieves under your tongue when your voice is raspy or gone entirely.  It’ll help clear up your vocal strain in no time.

4. Nasal Function – If you’re feeling sniffly, sneezy and itchy, putting Thieves on the soles of the feet can alleviate symptoms and encourage proper nasal function.  You can also apply a drop of Thieves diluted in a drop of olive oil directly under your nose.

5. Lung Congestion – Place Thieves in a diffuser then drape your head with a towel, trapping the vapors.  Breath the vapors in for up to 5 minutes.

6. Travel Well – Take Thieves along with you when you travel on planes, trains or buses.  Rub some into the soles of your feet or take a drop or two with orange juice to ward off airborne illnesses and amp up your immune system.

7. Throat Spray – Adding Thieves to a spray bottle of water and sea salt can create your very own version of a disinfectant spray.  You can then use this to numb a sore throat!


8. Headache Relief – This quick fix for headaches requires nothing special at all!  Simply use a finger to apply a drop of Thieves to the roof of your mouth.

9. Skin abrasions – If you’ve got a small cut or simple abrasion, ditch the Neosporin and try Thieves instead.  Apply 1-3 drops with a cotton ball or q-tip to the wound for anti-bacterial purposes and to speed healing.

10.  Skin Care – To help with acne, you can dilute a few drop of Thieves with a carrier oil, like coconut oil (known for anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties), and apply it to affected spots with a q-tip.  Or mix it with olive oil and apply over the face.  It’s nontoxic and will clean away nasty germs.


11. Wart Remover – No more expensive and only slightly affective OTC wart removers!  All you need to do is apply Thieves directly to the affected area – or dilute it with some coconut oil.  It’ll kill any viruses there and get rid of those warts completely.  Added bonus: the coconut oil will moisturize the area as well!

12. Athlete’s Foot – Rub oil “neat” (undiluted) directly onto the area of your foot that’s infected.  Or you can make a foot soak with warm water, epsom salts and thieves combined.


13. Canker Sore Relief – Follow the directions here to fight off canker sores.  You can apply the oil “neat” (undiluted) directly to the spot, or dilute it with coconut oil – known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  Not only will it speed the healing process, but it will numb the area upon contact for some needed relief.


14. Gum Health – Rub a drop of oil neat on irritated areas of the gum, or dilute it with a natural oil carrier like coconut or olive oil, then apply with a q-tip.  It will reduce swelling and inflammation, kill germs and bacteria, and promote overall dental health.  Plus, it’ll help freshen your breath!

15. Oil-pulling – Combine a drop of Thieves with coconut oil for regular oil-pulling.  This can help with oral hygiene, as well as immune support and overall health.


16.  Remove Splinters – Applying Thieves oil to a sliver or splinter and allowing it to rest for about 5 minutes will reduce the inflammation and cause the sliver to rise to the surface of the skin.  With its anti-bacterial properties it’s a great alternative to rubbing alcohol or the like.

17. Natural Air Purifier – Use a diffuser with Thieves for 15-30 minutes in your home to purify the air.  It will start removing mold around the house and eliminate some germs.  It leaves a refreshing, natural and clean scent.  It can also promote a happier mood.

18. Floor Care – Add a few drops to a bucket of water and mop your floor as you normally do.  It will ward of mold and mildew, kill germs and bacteria and make your floors smell good!


19. Sani-Wipes – Add a few drops of Thieves to warm water, then dip in clean, small scraps of cotton or muslin cloth.  Wring them out well, then keep them in a small, airtight glass jar.  Take them with you when shopping to disinfect shopping carts and other germy surfaces.  It’s nontoxic, so perfectly safe with kids.

20.  Dishwashing – Use a few drops in your dishwater or dishwasher along with your regular detergent to thoroughly clean your dishes.  Bonus: it eliminates any lingering odor from grease or strong-smelling foods!

21. Purifying Spray – Add Thieves to water in a glass spray bottle and spray everything that is high traffic – light switches, doorknobs, countertops, etc.  This is especially effective during flu season to ward off unwanted germs and bacteria.  It can also get rid of mold in damp areas and prevent future mold build up – just add some distilled white vinegar as well.


22. Bath Toy Disinfectant – Make a solution of equal parts vinegar and hot water, then add a few drops of Thieves.  Soak your bath toys for 10 minutes to get rid of mold and help with mold prevention.


23. Canine Wound Care – If you’ve got a furry four-legged friend that’s prone to surface scrapes and abrasions, you can use Thieves to clean the cut and speed healing.


24. Marker Eraser – If you accidentally grab the wrong type of marker when using a white board, you can make that “permanent” problem go away by putting a few drop of Thieves on a tissue and rubbing.

25. Plant Care – Spraying diluted Thieves on houseplants or gardens can repel insects and guard against mold or fungus.  Learn more essential oil plant care tips at the link.


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