Popular Cannabis Strains for Enhancing Sexual Pleasure


Popular cannabis strains for sex do exist. These are not going to make people take their clothes off and have sex with anybody like some crazed maniac they are just popular cannabis strains for enhancing sexual pleasure. When individuals become sexually aroused for a multitude of different reasons there are things that make some people uncomfortable. Whether it be they are too noisy in bed, they are uncomfortable with their body, or they just get the nervous tremors when it comes time to get busy but marijuana can help with this.

There are many different strains of marijuana on the market today that create a variety and multitude of effects for consumers. These different strains of marijuana contain different levels of cannabinoids. For example a strain known as Asian Fantasy is making waves as a great strain when you plan on having sex. Ultimate Trainwreck is another cannabis strain that many people find to help when it comes to that intimate time.

Chocolate Yum, Granddaddy Purple, Hindu Skunk, and several others are being placed into a category of sex strains. It’s not that smoking marijuana makes you want to have sex more it’s that it relaxes you making sex more enjoyable. Many times women benefit from smoking marijuana more than men do. Men are natural horn dogs and always ready to get naked and have sex whereas women are slightly more apprehensive about their bodies and the situation in which they are having sex. Cannabis can help to bring down the anxiety level for many women and make the experience of sex more enjoyable.

In fact, there is even a line of cannabis strains called SexxPot that is specifically bred to enhance the sexual pleasure experienced by female consumers. So what are you waiting for? Next time its dirty time, take a few tokes and let your body enjoy the benefits of enhanced sexual pleasure through cannabis

Source:  Canna Closet


  1. Kim Smyth

    Heck yeah, I need some of that, lol! I’d like to know of one for the CBD oil, since that’s what I do in my vapor pen. Maybe someday I’ll progress to smoking actual medicinal marijuana (when it becomes legal) but for now, I vape only.

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  2. molaplume

    I forgot to tell you that Part II of “Cannabis and PTSD” comes on June 21. Hey, how come I didn’t get a notification of this blog? Don’t tell me that, like all the women in my life, you got tired and dumped me! No problem, I got Kim now!

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  3. molaplume

    Hellooo dear Roxy. Guess where I’ve been this whole weekend? In the “First Southeast Cannabis Conference in Fort Lauderdale. It was one of the very best meetings I ever attended in forty years. I am preparing a good blog about it. Just now my phone pinged and I saw that a reader (most likely a lady) has just read my blog titled “The ‘forbidden’ fantasies in the Czech Republic. How come you’re just a few hundred miles away from my location and you never did the same?


    1. Roxy Bentsen Faulkner

      Whoa! No way!! That’s AWESOME! So you say a vampire (most likely) is pinging your phone. Let me stroll on over to your post about the Czech Republic and see what the “buzz” is all about. But first, my morning walk on the beach!

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      1. molaplume

        Oh! And you didn’t comment my latest blog “The social stalker.”That’s it. Tis is the last straw dear Roxy . I am inviting Kim for a 1 week cruise in a luxurious MSC cruise ship in the Caribbean to indulge in a great educational and entertainment program on All-things–Cannabis with a stop in Jamaica too!


  4. cannalore

    Having grown cannabis for well over 20 years, including many of the base genetics you have listed(trainwreck, chocolate thai, yumbuldt, granddaddy purp, hindu kush, skunk #1), I have to say there really isn’t a particular strain that gets the juices flowing, so to speak. How a certain phenotype interacts with individuals is so varied, especially with such the varied genetics mentioned. Strains with a thai background would be a good starting point as they tend to improve mood(like asian fantasy listed). Blueberry is a good example of this principle as a mood elevator. But to truly take your sex life to a higher level, cannabis infused coconut oil is the only way to go! Love the blog.

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      1. cannalore

        Infused coconut oil in place of a lube like a KY product. Does very little for the male, but females claim about 5-15 minutes after application a relaxation in muscles in the area. They tell me this leads to a easier achieved, higher volume and stronger orgasms…


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