NO VOTE on MMJ in TEXAS until 2019

I am outraged and on the warpath.  The news for Texas is devastating.  Purposeful obfuscation and foot dragging slowed the progress of a comprehensive medical marijuana bill in Texas to a COMPLETE HALT!  The better part of my morning has been spent sending emails to my legislators, something I encourage you to do as well.  Here is the article from GANJAPRENEUR that delivered the bad news!!

I shall not yield in obsequium!   -The Oily Guru  


Texas’ legislature failed to pass a comprehensive medical cannabis regime before the end of the session and, according to the Texas Cannabis Report, the failure was due to the Calendars Committee not receiving paperwork for the bill on time.According to the report, the measure was not heard by the Public Health Committee until one week before the end of the legislative session. By the end of that hearing, which lasted until almost 2:00 am, 77 of the House’s 150 members had signed on in support — enough to pass the bill. The bill was passed by the committee on Friday, 7-2.Heather Fazio, a member of Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, said that Health Committee Chair Rep. Four Price might have had “his heart and mind” opened by the testimony at the hearing.“He still wasn’t ready to vote for the bill himself, but he was attentive during the hearing and demonstrated exceptional character when he allowed the bill to be voted on by the committee,” Fazio said in the report.On Monday, the bill hadn’t been scheduled by the Calendar Committee because, they said, the paperwork hadn’t arrived. On Tuesday, it came too late for the House to take up. The next opportunity to revisit the legislation is 2019 as the Texas legislature meets every other year from January through May.


  1. Roxy Bentsen Faulkner

    My husband has been sick and I spent the day carting him off the Island to a Doctor. Once home I had to administer breathing treatments and make sure he was comfortable, followed by a special meal that he could eat. I also had to work out his medicine rotation to figure out when he needed to take a certain medicine and with or without food. Tell me you are a good patient because most men are HORRIBLE when they are sick!

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    1. molaplume

      Good morning dear Roxy. I am so sorry to hear about that but, thank God, he has a good woman by his side to take care of him. Send him my regards. Is he a smoker? If he is, he has to quit right now. He can keep his beers and baby back ribs. Moi? I am horrible all the time… That’s why no woman would share my life and I had to embrace a monastic existence. Buh…buh.
      Un grosso baccione. Arrivederci!

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