Florida’s medical marijuana deal goes up in smoke

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Congress: End the Federal War on Marijuana


I say it’s time to elect some new folks in Florida! -The Oily Guru

Source: Florida’s medical marijuana deal goes up in smoke – Story | FOX 13 Tampa Bay


  1. molaplume

    Good afternooon Roxy. Agreed. Instead of carelessly electing so many lawyers and businessmen, only interested in making ” sweet backroom deals” with their cronies to line their pockets, we, all the concerned voting citizens of the Sunshine State, should elect more social activists, health care professionals, community organizers, social workers, etc., to the Florida Legislature. They are the ones who see and share some of the daily suffering of thousands of patients across the state with chronic neurological diseases. And there should be more women with geater empathy. Keep up the fight girl. A big kiss. Arrivederci!

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  2. molaplume

    Good evening Roxy. Please send me your email address to: email@drmolaplume.com
    I’d like to tell you why I did not approve a comment ( in fact it was an outgoing link address) you made yesterday in my blog ” Cannabis and Multiple Sclerosis”
    Bon soir ma chere amie!


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