15 Benefits Of Ocotea Essential Oil

Ocotea essential oil comes from a tree that belongs to the cinnamon family. The Ocotea tree is divided into the two genders, male, and female, and it is the female tree whose parts are used for therapeutic purposes. This oil is derived from steam distilling the branches and leaves of the Ocotea tree, which is native to Central America.

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Alphahumulene is known for its ability to minimize the body’s response to irritation.

 Here Are 15 Uses And Benefits Of Ocotea Essential Oil


The intake of Ocotea essential oil is said to control the glucose levels in the body. Adding 2-4 drops of this oil under the tongue can keep the blood sugar levels under check and it does carry any side effects. But this oil should be administered only under medical supervision.


Weight Loss

The aroma of this essential oil can bring about a feeling of satiety and decrease the craving to eat. Pour a few drops of this oil in a glass of water and drink every day to reduce obesity and shed extra flab from the body.



This oil can be massaged over the affected areas to reduce the itching and inflammation caused by the candida parasite.


Skin Inflammations

Any kind of skin inflammation, sensitivity, rashes, and itching can be reduced by the topical application of this oil. It is effective against any kind of microbial attack in the body and can be kept as a handy oil for skin problems. Massage it into the hands and feet to get rid of summer rashes and any other form of skin irritation.

Foot Fungus

People suffering from fungal attacks on the skin can use Ocotea essential oil topically to massage these fungal infections. Infections in the feet are quite common and the application of this oil helps in improving the condition.



The intake of this oil can promote smooth digestion and can lessen the intensity of various stomach digestive disorders. It is an effective remedy for diarrhea.


Eliminates Toxins

Ocotea essential oil is a cleanser and a purifier and can help the body in getting rid of waste and also effectively cleanses the liver of toxic accumulation.



The fragrance of this oil is satiating, it gives a feeling of fullness to the stomach and the craving to eat frequently reduces which keeps the eating habits in control.


Reduces Injury

The Ocotea essential oil contains alpha humulene, a compound that protects the body against any kind of injury and irritation. It is thus, a disinfectant and shields the body from any bacterial and viral attacks.


Mind Relaxation

This oil is popularly used in aromatherapy as it can relax the mind and reduces stress. It can be inhaled or applied on the forehead to release tension and feel relaxed.

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Cardiovascular Health

The Ocotea essential oil can promote the smooth flow of blood in the arteries, due to its relaxing abilities and also support the heart in pumping blood smoothly.


Skin Glow

The regular massage of Ocotea essential oil can improve the texture, glow, and complexion of the skin. It makes the skin, smooth, supple, and soft and helps in eliminating skin disorders and rashes.


Hair Care

Ocotea essential oil can be combined with other oils like olive oil and massaged over the hair scalp to get rid of various hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, alopecia etc. It strengthens the hair follicles and gives them a shine and glow.



People suffering from anxiety can use this oil in a diffuser, or topical massage it on the forehead. Frayed nerves and anxiety can be calmed and eased with the usage of this oil.

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High Blood Pressure

The application of this oil acts as a vasodilator which promotes a smooth flow of blood through the blood vessels and controls high blood pressure. It, therefore, controls the problems of hypertension and stress.


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