Urgent – Florida MMJ Supporters

Medical Marijuana Maps just sent me a DISTURBING tweet and asked that I RE-TWEET.  If you are from Florida and are a supporter of Medical Marijuana you should know that the Florida Medical Board VIOLATED Disabled Patients Civil Rights by denying them access to the Medical Marijuana hearing on April 6, 2017.  Here is the twitter graphic.

Link to article.

 florida mmj

The Florida Attorney General requests that you send your complaint to her office.

Here is the link (below) to register your complaint:

 Florida Office of the Attorney General, Pam Bondi



Please SHARE on ALL of your Social Media Accounts.  The government will no longer be allowed to deny our civil rights and pass legislation without our input.

They must be held accountable.

Remember:  We ARE the PEOPLE!

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Click on link to sign the petition.

Congress: End the Federal War on Marijuana


  1. James Lee

    Hi all my name is James Lee and I work for MMJ4FLA. If you are as fed up with legislation getting through via deceptive lying and manipulative politicians and agents such as the Florida Board of Medicine then please visit us at http://www.mmj4fla.com and sign our petition on the home page. You can also click any links on the right hand column that let you submit your complaints to the Attorney General Florida, the ADA & the DHHS. Besides violating the civil rights of the disabled, the stupid Florida Medical Board are trying to ban telemedicine for MMJ chronically ill patients. Many of the petitions we have received so far ( around 380 ) have illnesses such as epilepsy, war veterans with PTSD, cancer, uncontrollable vomiting and muscle spasms etc etc. And our ever so intelligent Board of Medicine in Florida now demands that they DRIVE to see their doctor for their MMJ treatment ! Go figure did we really vote in the morons who try to pass negligent, careless and hateful proposals such as this. How dare they bully those who are so sick that they hardly have a voice for themselves anymore. We at MMJ4FLA will not sit back and take this crap, we are the voice of these people and we will not stop until we have received justice regardless of which court we must take this matter to. I for one am sick of liars, cheats and selfish bastards who only have their own agenda and their back pockets on their horizons. We must all join together and fight as one. I urge you to visit us at http://www.mmj4fla.com today and sign our petition and the complaint form to the Attorney General for the longer we remain silent, the longer these criminals continue to pass illegal and negligent laws. I’ll leave you with one thought. What happens if you or your loved ones are walking along or driving down the street one day and get hit by an MMJ patient who has been forced to drive to his/her doctor ? This is what the Florida Medical Board want ! ! ! Beyond idiotic isn’t it ?

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    1. Roxy Bentsen Faulkner

      I am in complete and total agreement with you. The link you sent me is the link I have in my blog post. We need to keep posting articles advocating awareness and encouraging others to REPOST. This is all a spin off of “reefer maddness” whereby they are all spoon feeding us lies as they get fat on special interest money and government patents. Our government even allowed monsanto an MMJ patent.

      Here is another great group to help with these issues. Contact the NORML of Florida group as I am certain they are also working on these issues. http://norml.org/fl/item/norml-of-florida

      I am at the point in my life where I refuse to accept their lies and will not remain silent.


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