“Doctors, not politicians, should be determining what is best for Texas patients.” SIGN HERE!

First Medical Marijuana Bill of the 2017 Legislative Session Has Been Pre-Filed!

What Can YOU Do?

Senator Menendez from San Antonio has pre-filed our Medical Marijuana Bill for the 2017 Legislative Session! The Medical Marijuana Bill (SB 269) and it’s companion bill HB 2107 will allow for comprehensive, whole plant medical cannabis access for all patients with debilitating conditions.

Please take action now and support SB 269 and HB 2107!

“Doctors, not politicians, should be determining what is best for Texas patients,” said Senator Menéndez. “This is legitimate medicine that can help a of variety people, from the grandmother suffering from cancer to the veteran coping with PTSD after returning home from war.”



Last year, Texas passed the Compassionate Use Act, which was intended to allow access to low-THC cannabis for those with intractable epilepsy. Sen. Menéndez’s bill will make several improvements, including fixing a fatal flaw in the bill, allowing cannabis with any amount of THC, and expanding the law to include other qualifying conditions. As Senator Menéndez says, “Compassion should not be exclusive. Twenty-eight states have recognized the medical benefit of cannabis, including conservative states like Arkansas, Montana, and North Dakota … It is time Texas steps up to the plate on behalf of our sickest patients.”

mj v alcohol

Take a moment to write your legislators and ask them to support this important legislation by becoming a Co-Author to the bill. Not sure who represents you? Not sure who represents you? Find out here. You can also fill out our Activist Information Form so that we can send you targeted alerts during the 2017 Legislative Session.

Please support the important work we are doing in Texas by supporting our lobbying efforts, making a donation or become a member.

Read SB 269 HERE.



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