Pre- Register for a Texas Medical Marijuana Card

The State of Texas will is preparing to issue licenses to retailers for the sale of medical marijuana based products. The licenses will enable specified dispensaries to sell products with low levels of THC, such as cannabis oil.

An advancing Texas Marijuana Program has approved low-THC cannabis products. Low-THC marijuana contains at least 10 percent CBD, or cannabidiol, although not more than 0.5 percent THC. These MMJ products, such as oils, are approved for individuals suffering from intractable epilepsy, which can cause seizures that are not treatable with traditional drugs. The patient can only be prescribed low-THC cannabis if two other drugs are found to be ineffective.

The first Texas dispensary will not be licensed until June 2017. License applications will not be finalized and available to companies until this summer. The initiative to expand the Texas medical marijuana program did not make the ballot for the 2016 vote in November.

Click on link to sign the petition.

Congress: End the Federal War on Marijuana

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Texas Has Four Chances to Nullify Marijuana Prohibition in 2017 – Tenth Amendment Center

Senator looks to legalize medical marijuana in Texas – Dallas News



Pre-register for medical marijuana in Texas. Cannabis is not currently legal in TX, however we are now pre-registering patients on Texas Dispensaries as Texas cannabis legalization comes closer. If you would like to be on the early list to receive notices as well as the forms as they become available, just fill out the pre-registration form below.

I’m including the link to the pre-registration form HERE – The Oily Guru

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  1. myhempnowonline

    First off YAY TX!!! I moved to TX from WA state, meaning I had no access to medical marijuana which was helping my seizures and anxiety. So when we moved my Dr introduced me to CBD to help with get off most of the insane amounts of meds which kept me in bed most the time. After 2 years of research I’m felt it my responsibility to help others the way I once was. The Grand Opening will be in about week. I’ll be getting my medical license/card even though CBD stopped them and it’s been 2 years seizure free. If you ever need CBD, which can be drops, tincture, Vaporizer, skin & body care with is anti-aging but can help with serious skin conditions like psoriasis and a variety of others. I have a big selection and have access to a number of products I haven’t loaded yet. If you want to try CBD that’s all FDA approved and even some with 0% THC for those who don’t want any THC (like a government employee) you can find it. The studies all over the world have shown real life benefits and the actual need for our bodies. When combined with THC it’s “cousin” it’s especially effective for epilepsy and Neurological issues. Don’t rely on one if you need that extra help, keep fighting like all of us are to make these chemical compounds. Meds may be necessary still, but combined with CBD and CBD combined with Marijuana is especially important for epilepsy. Not to mention it creates jobs and opportunities for everyone. Call anytime, I love to help share the education with those who don’t feel they know what they are looking for. 1 (844) MYHEMP1. And more than anything thanks for the share. 83% of Texans are for the legalization. That’s a lot of people even for a huge state like ours. I have to share this so those who don’t know about the progress in TX! Awesome

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Roxy Bentsen Faulkner

      WOW. That is fantastic. Hooray for you! We all have to be proactive these days as the government and Big Pharma do not want us to be healthy. They want profits. Government wants campaign contributions from Big Pharma AND if they let us have a cure, they have no customers.

      I too am in the process of carrying CBD and making it available online. Essential Oils and CBD are the first line of defense and THE healthiest option available. I am finalizing my list of providers as it must be ORGANIC.

      Congratulations on your Grand Opening. You will be a huge success. Your passion shows and you will be such a blessing to others suffering needlessly.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jason,ccapps

    I’ve been having sentries all my life it’s a blessing for Texas to final have melds what a battle, for a state like Texas, he’ll bent on incarcerations and drug reform. medical marjuani is one of the good things in this world ,Jcc

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