Essential Oils for Balance

Essential oils have the unique ability to help relax the body, mind, and spirit. We invite you to discover how our pure essential oil and carefully formulated blends can help you maintain normal balance and peace in your life.

Through diffusion, direct inhalation, and massage, our products can become an affirming part of your day with the beautiful scents of botanicals from all around the world.

Ready to relax? You deserve it.

Spiritual Health

The soothing effect of essential oils has long been used in religious ceremonies to elevate the mind and unlock emotions. Our pure essential oils are ideal for enhancing your spiritual practice when you use these meditative essential oils to diffuse or inhale directly:

Mental Health

Feeling stuck? Discover the powerful mental influence of essential oil blends that are formulated to help you discover your potential and support your mental energy.

Emotional Wellness

Essential oils have the ability to directly access and affect the brain’s limbic region, the center of emotion and memory. Many oils can be used to create a positive emotional state, help soothe grief, create an environment of relaxation at the end of a long day, and much more. These pure essential oils are uniquely able to bring emotional balance where less pure oils may not:

Stress Relief

Sometimes a busy schedule and the demands of daily life can make it nearly impossible to relax. Chronic stress can bring a host of health issues, including poor digestion, insomnia, weight gain, headaches, and more. Combat the emotional and physical toll of the stress in your life with our pure, relaxing essential oils:

Sleep Solutions

Do you sometimes toss and turn at night? Young Living’s essential oils and essential oil-infused products can help soothe your mind and body, bringing tranquility and restfulness to your bedtime when occasional stresses or preoccupations keep you awake.

Try this supplement to support restful sleep:


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      No worries. I am in love with them!! Probably have upwards of 150 oils. The more I study them the more amazed I become at their natural, built in healing properties WHICH cannot be duplicated when synthesized. With tax and shipping is is less than 180.00 to get a complete starter kit. After that you only have to buy $50 per year in order to keep your discount. I make monthly orders and ask others if they want anything and get free oils and rack up points for free oils. Let me know when you are ready as everyone I bring on board gets TONS of info from me (which nobody else does) and 24/7 support on oils and what they do.

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