Natural vs Synthetic

“Although synthetic products are often marketed as natural cannabis-like compounds, they are actually dangerous and can do you more harm than good.”  Gee, that sounds like Essential Oils and everything else.  Natural is ALWAYS better.

Kim S____ is a follower of my blog and expressed an interest in knowing more about cannabinoids.  So Kim, I have included this article in it’s entirety.  Cannabinoids are something we are really just hearing about what with all of the Marijuana legalization going on in our country.  I will say with certainty that they do possess healing properties just like essential oils.  Also, I am a HUGE proponent of legal marijuana for that fact alone. HEMP as well.  CBD oil can be extracted from Hemp and has virtually no THC yet the FDA/DEA classifies this healing oil as a schedule 1 drug like heroin.  It makes me think that they are lumping it in with synthetic CBD oil.  No wait, they are keeping natural substances out of our hands because BIG PHARMA has them on their payroll.


Read on:  Natural vs. Synthetic Cannabinoids

Expect more on this subject.

P.E.A.C.E. (Proper Education Always Corrects Error)

The Oily Guru


  1. Kim Smyth

    Great article Roxy, I will keep following along to see what else is explained along the way. I am curious to learn more about CBDs and cannabis oil in general so I may learn how it might benefit myself and those I love and care about. So, I’m still unclear as to whether the CBDs used in e-cigs are natural or synthetic, I guess I need to do some research myself! I’ll let you know what I find out.


      1. Kim Smyth

        I was just talking to my hubby about you last night, I told him next time we are in Galveston, I’d love to look you up. You sound like a fascinating individual, and one I could learn so much from. Besides, us beach babes have to stick together! Looking forward to meeting you some day!


      2. Kim Smyth

        Absolutely, the challenge for me now will be to find safe products suitable for me to try. Like someone commented on the article, I could use an alternative way to deal with pain and other issues I have and I really need to cut back on my alcohol consumption (other than the occasional glass of Cabernet) because of the sugar. It gets me in trouble every time! 😉

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