Sacred Frankincense

Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) is exclusive to Young Living. Young Living has been the first and is still the only cultivator of Omani Frankincense outside of the privileged citizens of Oman or Saudi royalty. It is one of the rarest and most sought after aromatics.

D. Gary Young researched and had numerous trips to Oman over a 15 year period and was the first and is still the only granted permission to export this precious oil. A distillery was built right in Oman so that this exportation could take place.

Omani Frankincense is believed to be the Frankincense used in ancient times and biblical times. It is believed this is the variety that was taken to our precious Christ-child. Sacred Frankincense has been the subject to much study and research and has proven to be very supportive.




I can tell you that the aroma of Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil is much softer and sweeter; and energetically it has a much higher vibration than Frankincense (Boswellia carterii). The chemistry profile shows that it contains a higher alpha pinene constituent as well.  The taste is also much milder. ( I currently have a cotton ball containing several drops and it’s in my mouth on my gum line ).

The monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes are the most valuable elements of frankincense oil.

According to the book, “Reference Guide for Essential Oils,” by Connie and Alan Higley, monoterpenes help prevent and discharge toxins from your liver and kidneys, and have antiseptic, antibacterial, stimulating, analgesic (weak) and expectorant properties.

Meanwhile, sesquiterpenes can go beyond the blood-brain barrier and help simulate the limbic system of your brain, as well as your hypothalamus, and pineal and pituitary glands.


Benefits of Frankincense Oil

The health benefits of frankincense oil are mostly attributed to its anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant, digestive, diuretic and expectorant properties. It also has cicatrisant, carminative, cytophylactic, emenagogue, uterine and vulnerary effects.

Frankincense oil is considered a tonic, as it benefits all the systems operating in the body, including the digestive, respiratory, nervous and excretory systems. It also aids the absorption of nutrients and strengthens your immune system. Frankincense oil has been found useful for certain health conditions, such as:

Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) — Research by Cardiff University scientists found that frankincense can aid in inhibiting the production of key inflammatory molecules, helping prevent the breakdown of the cartilage tissue that causes these conditions.

In addition, Indian frankincense or boswellin, also a member of the Boswellia genus, has been found to significantly reduce inflammation in animal studies.  It has been used successfully as a pain reducer in RA patients.

Colds and respiratory disorders — Frankincense oil can help break up phlegm deposits in your respiratory tract and lungs, and can potentially relieve bronchitis-related congestion.

Oral health problems — The antiseptic qualities of this oil can help prevent bad breath, cavities, toothaches, mouth sores and other infections.

Digestive disorders — Frankincense oil can help speed up the secretion of gastric juices, bile and acids, and help stimulate peristaltic motion to allow food to move properly through your intestines.

Uterine health — Frankincense oil regulates estrogen production in women and helps reduce the risk of post-menopause tumor or cyst formation in the uterus (uterine cancer). It also regulates the menstrual cycle of premenopausal women.

Frankincense is also being studied for its potential to treat cancer. Scientists have observed that there’s an agent in this oil that may help stop cancer from spreading.


What is the Genus Species? Boswellia sacra grown and distilled in Oman.

Why is this information important? There are several species of Frankincense that are grown in different parts of the Middle East. The carterii and sacra species grow in different places.


Most Interesting Historical Reference?

Did you know that Frankincense was traded over 5000 years ago in North Africa and on the Arabian Peninsula?

Did you know that Frankincense Oil was found in King Tutankhamen’s tomb in Ancient Egypt? King Tut died in 1323 BC!

What are the Plant Properties? Calming, grounding and centering.


What is the Aromatic Affect on the Mind? It is uplifting and centering. Has a sweet, balsamic and warm aroma with incense-like overtones.

What is the Spiritual Influence? Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil has been used to awaken our spiritual awareness and connect with spirit for 5000 years or more. It will help us release parts of our ego which hold us back from connecting with our soul, as well as feelings of unworthiness and insecurity.

Once we are able to connect with our spiritual side, we can embrace our true purpose in the world and become more spiritually driven rather than ego driven.

Use Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil during meditation to connect with spirit and stay centered in yoga or meditation sessions.

What Chakra is Affected? Opens the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

What is the Corresponding Chakra Color? Gold

How do I Use it?

Use NEAT (undiluted). Then,

  • Apply several drops (2-4) on location
  • Apply to chakras/vitaflex points
  • Directly inhale
  • Diffuse, or
  • Dietary Supplement

Can this Oil be used for Animals? Yes. Have your animals smell it directly from the bottle or place a drop or two in your palm, then smell. Or place a drop in your palm and pet head to toe.

Note about Animal Use: Certain oils can be very toxic to cats. Citrus and pine oils in particular that are not of therapeutic grade. Please consult your vet if you are not sure about applying any essential oil to your pet.

To Promote Natural Healing of Wounds

  • 4 drops Lavender
  • 2 drops Helichrysum italicum
  • 2 drops Sacred Frankincense
  • 1 teaspoon FCO

Apply formula to wounds as needed.

To Assist in Soothing Mild Skin Irregularities

  • 4 drops Sacred Frankincense
  • 2 drops Myrrh
  • 3 drops Melaleuca
  • 1 tablespoon FCO

Apply to affected areas as often as needed. Also works great for cuts and scrapes.

Get your Sacred Frankincense here.


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