Over 80 TOXIC Chemicals!

There is an endless barrage of unregulated toxic retail products ranging from Clorox wipes to hand sanitizers and air fresheners. The long-term health consequences of these products multiplied together invariably become much worse than any infection or other seemingly isolated ailment.

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…and a few other benefits of diffusing, besides NO TOXINS in Young Living Essential Oils.


Cleansing of the Air

Essential oils combat mold microorganisms, decrease the toxicity of chemicals and increase atmospheric oxygen. They do all of this while leaving your home smelling great!

Diffuse rosemary, citronella, tea tree, lemon, cinnamon and/or clove essential oils.

Boosting Immune System

Diffusing essential oils during the cold season sure helps our family combat those pesky colds.

Diffuse eucalyptus, cinnamon, and/or frankincense essential oils.  Thieves is also a great immune support oil.

To Destress and Relax

Essential oil’s power to cross the blood-brain barrier allows them to improve moods. Once the oils hit the emotional center of the brain, they go to work. Essential oils have been used to increase energy and improve mood. When I am feeling overly stressed and anxious, I love diffusing essential oils.

Better Sleep

“The inhalation of essential oils with hypnotic properties may provide a safe and effect therapy for some sleep disturbance” states this study on essential oils and sleep. Lavender has been shown to promote relaxation and better sleep. Lavender lowered blood sugar while decreasing the production of cortisol in another study.

Diffuse lavender, roman chamomile, and/or clary sage essential oils.

Easing Congestion

Congestion is just a pain. It comes with colds, allergies, and breathing disorders. Diffusing essential oils can take that all away.

Diffuse peppermint, rosemary, lemon and/or eucalyptus essential oils.

Setting The Mood

“Ylang-ylang is known for its ability to increase libido, so it is not surprising that newlyweds in Indonesia enter their bridal suites to find their beds covered in ylang-ylang flowers.” Essential oils have been used for years as mood enhancers. When having a quiet night with your loved one, try diffusing some oils to increase the loving spirit.

Diffuse jasmine, ylang-ylang, allspice, or clary sage essential oils.



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