Good Vibrations-The Vibrational Qualities of Young Living Oils

Did you ever do the tuning fork experiment in high school physics? It went something like this: many tuning forks tuned to different pitches were set about the room. Another tuning fork identical to one of the forks set in the room was caused to vibrate. Soon the tuning fork in the room that was tuned to the same pitch as the vibrating tuning fork also began to hum in resonance, even though it was never struck. That phenomenon is called resonance or sympathetic vibration.

Essential oils work in a similar fashion. Each Young Living therapeutic grade essential oil vibrates at certain fundamental frequencies. The various organs, tissues and cells of your body also possess certain pitches or fundamental frequencies as well. Essential oil molecules that resonate at the frequencies of, say, your liver, will affect the vibrational quality of your liver, restoring it to its natural fundamental frequency. Oils that do not have the frequencies of your liver will not resonate for that organ but will transfer their energies to their body parts and tissues in harmony with them. Just like the tuning fork experiment in class.

When the fundamental frequency of our bodies fall below certain levels of intensity, we become susceptible to illness and disease. Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, Cheny, Washington, published data obtained through his research of fundamental frequencies. He discovered that a healthy human body vibrates between 62-68 Mhz. Cold symptoms begin to manifest at 58 Mhz. Flu at 57 Mhz. Cancer at 42 Mhz. And at 25 Mhz, the body begins to die. Therapeutic grade essential oils, on the other hand, have fundamental frequencies of 52-320 Mhz.

In a nutshell, this is what happens when we are in contact with therapeutic grade Young Living Oils: Our bodies, minds and spirits can each resonate with the spectrum of healing harmonic frequencies of that oil while the sickness in ourselves does not. When healing takes place, our bodies resonate at frequencies where health and balance is restored and disease cannot exist. Pharmaceuticals and synthetic or adulterated essential oils do not.

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