Can Aromatherapy Help Alcohol Addiction?

There is a little secret in the aromatherapy community. Lemon essential oil helps heal alcohol abuse and addiction. It is believed that lemon oil can erase the hereditary marker in a person’s aura or energy field. Alcoholic parents can prevent their children from having a genetic proclivity towards alcoholism. In releasing the tendency towards alcohol addiction, there are subtle, etheric energy webbings that resemble spider webs that are broken and dissolved. Clearing these webbings away then weakens the alcoholic tendency in all family members in all directions of the family tree. It is like breaking off chains of bondage. Anyone who is alcoholic has damage in the energy field. That is one of the reasons alcohol is so destructive. It blows holes in the aura. Once the damage is done, it leaves the person vulnerable to negative energy.


How do you use essential oil to rid yourself of alcohol abuse, damage, and/or addiction? Taking baths or having regular massages with formulas that include lemon oil is one of the best solutions. There is a need to look at the emotional issues surrounding alcohol use. Essential oils move emotion. Usually there is need to avoid pain and avoid suffering. Oils that help stop pain and suffering are Peppermint and Yarrow. Often alcoholics are depressed which masks high levels of anger and rage. Oils that clear anger are cinnamon and ajowan.
Any Eucalyptus oil and all the Cedarwoods help to heal the energy field from damaged caused by alcohol abuse. Including some of these oils in the bath or massage will help anyone heal from alcohol damage. Many children today born to alcoholic parents could be relieved of much distress by bathing the child in warm water with lemon oil, lavender, chamomile, cedarwood, and apple cider vinegar. After the first bath, the infant or child will be able to sleep and relax perhaps for the first time. Simple lemon oil can have a profound effect on those suffering from alcoholic abuse. Lemon heals the unstable energy patterns in the nervous system. Lemon also dissolves worry and resentment.
Along with lemon oil, Lemon Petitgrain can also be used in the bath and massage to help with addiction. Petitgrains are used to break habitual or addictive patterning. Lemon Petitgrain oil comes from the twigs and leaves of the lemon tree. Along with Lemon oil that is pressed from the lemon rind, these oils can break rigid patterns of alcoholic addiction. True healing and release from addiction can be achieved.


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