My Galveston Island Life

We’ve finally gotten past the torrential rains that plagued our beloved Beach Town of Galveston, Texas, and sunshine prevails.  My garden remains relatively untouched and I will post those pics as my babies grow!  That being said I had an opportunity to take my nifty new camera to the beach and  capture a few shots of some of our migratory birds right in my back yard.  The ocean was fabulously clear and so blue the day before yesterday and I had fun capturing the moment, (yes, I know.  I shouldn’t use the same descriptive word in the same paragraph much less the entire blog), as the color of the water changes daily here.  I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to post some of the better pics (in my mind), so don’t criticize to harshly as I am a “newbie” and just learning photography.  This might be one of the last posts I get to make for a spell as my son is bringing about 10 college friends to my home this week for Spring Break.  ARGH!  Grocery trip is next!   And we now have new full time neighbors.  I pray we do not run them off.  😉

Wish me luck!!  Wish my new neighbors the patience to put up with the college crowd next door.

First of all I want to share my new Birthday purchase for myself.  Isn’t it wonderful?!  I never thought I would like a neon sign but it is so perfect for our Beach Life!  One thing I always tell friends who are in a rush is that  “WE ARE ON ISLAND TIME!”  No need to get in a big hurry. I’m currently laughing my head off because it is obviously me who does not rush.  We’ve downsized by one half and I still have one room that has not been unpacked!  It’s just so hard when you live  at the beach!  Wouldn’t you rather be on the beach than unpacking?  I rest my case!   LOL.  When I finally get that last room unpacked my husband is going to bring a truckload of his old furniture down from a storage unit. I rather him pay $150 per month and not have to deal with it!  My furniture already fills the entire space.  Looks like a yard sale is going to be the solution.  Enough moaning!   Enjoy my “newbie” pics!

My neon sign

Here is one of our seasonal Sandhill Cranes!  The noise they make is almost prehistoric, or what you would think prehistoric sounds like.


I’ve really enjoyed the Tree Ducks in our back yard this year.

Tree Duck

Next are the Roseate Spoonbills with their white feathery friends.

spoony 3.jpg



spooony and friend

I have not yet learned all of the different names of our migratory and native birds but I am learning, so excuse me if I do not name all of the birds’ in these pictures.

(BTW:  I’ve forgotten most of what I learned about “fragments,” “punctuation,” and most things language related, so again,  NO JUDGING!  HeHe!  I’m finally an Island gal having fun.)  However, if my mistake is egregious enough to warrant attention please let me know!     😉

yellow beak 1

yellow beak 2

Looks like a trio singing on the left! I probably should have cropped this one!






Here are a few GRAND FINALE’ shots.  This is what I am dealing with on our beach over Spring Break.  They wanted me to bring down my Jeep to play but they play too rough for me!  HeHe


jeep 2


Happy Spring Break


Galveston Island, Texas!

How to order your Starter Kit!


  1. Kim Smyth

    We have so many things in common! Love for the beach, Galveston, birds, taking pics of birds, shells, reading, writing, cooking, crafting- are you my long lost twin, lol?

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      1. Midwestern Plant Girl

        Dellanera RV Park, on the beach, off of Termini San Luis Pass. Near Beach Pocket 1. I’m a ‘Glamper’ 😉😉 I can’t be without sewer for longer than a weekend. However, I also don’t want to be at a place that children would like, ie Jamaican Gardens with all the water parks etc. Dellanera is placed well, but has no amenities (Sewer, yes. Pool, no). We did get a great site with a beach view tho. I’m pretty low maintenace in that department!

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