Sexual Abuse and Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture

12oilsMany who have dealt with sexual abuse have difficulties working through lasting emotional distress. People have basic defenses when managing negative emotions due to sexual abuse. They are often angry or want to be left alone. Some live silently and may lack trust in others. When a person fails to effectively deal with these negative emotions, they distance themselves, which may lead to deeper emotional pain.

Here are a few easy steps on how to use Young Living’s Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture to naturally overcome emotional effects of sexual abuse. While applying the oils, give yourself permission to release fears of the unknown. Take your emotional power back by letting yourself forgive. See a new purpose, a new you. Step forward and claim your true self. Believe that you are becoming a new person that is no longer chained down from unwanted emotions. Claim your emotional freedom!

Apply sandalwood to the forehead to help through periods of emotional pain. This oil calms and balances emotions.

Apply cassia to the bottom of the feet to help feel empowered and help let go of the unpleasant memories that are held deep in the unconscious.

Cedar wood
Place cedarwood on the top of the head to encourage forgiveness and to bring yourself to a higher spiritual level.

Try putting frankincense on the heart to help remove unwanted emotions.

Use galbanum over the liver to release anger.

Apply hyssop to the shoulders to help release emotional burdens that may carry from the abuse.

Place myrrh on the area of concern to let go of emotional wounds and to forgive and move forward.

Rub onycha over the stomach and abdomen to release blocked emotions of sadness and pain.

Rose of Sharon
Place drops of rose of Sharon along the spine to give the body strength to overcome obstacles.

Take spikenard internally to calm nerves and help take back power and control.*

Put a few drops of myrtle in honey to help the liver (where anger is stored) better process emotions.*

Massage cypress on the abdomen to release stagnant energy and unblock emotions stored in the stomach.